Glenwood community protests after pee-wee football league is suspended because advanced student is on roster

GLENWOOD, Ill. (CBS) — Parents and community leaders in south suburban Glenwood were outraged Monday night after an entire pee-wee football league was suspended.

The reason behind the suspension was that a 13-year-old player for the Glenwood Cougars football team is an academically advanced student – having skipped from seventh grade to his sophomore year of high school. His participation on the team violates the parent league’s bylaws.

Because his name was on the roster, all 200 players and cheerleaders on the team were suspended.

On Monday evening, a rally was held at Hickory Glen Park to call for an immediate investigation.

“This young man right here – this is what it’s all about. This is our future. And that’s what I’m most proud of, that we’re all standing together to support this young man. I’m happy,” said Glenwood Cougars Football Coach Gary Richardson as he stood next to the boy, Tremayne Gandy Jr. “Last time I looked at him, he was a 12-year-old in seventh grade – and now he’s back in 10th grade – not eighth, not ninth, but 10th grade. We’ve got a young man at 15 years old is getting ready to go to college. That’s something extraordinary.”

Unless the suspension is reversed, the Cougars will have to forfeit their final four games and will not be able to participate in the playoffs.

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