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Dreams come true for Yvette Nicole Brown on her ‘Lego Star Wars Summer Vacation’

HOLLYWOOD — Actress Yvette Nicole Brown loves “Star Wars.” So she really loves being a part of that world. Brown is back as Lieutenant Valeria in the animated Disney+ special, “Lego Star Wars Summer Vacation.”

“It really is the whole ‘Star Wars’ world in a summer beach show. When do you get that? And Lego? Come on!” said Brown. “Listen, you never know what you’re going to see in a ‘Star Wars’ special. Now, the ‘Star Wars movies and the TV shows are very serious and it’s all about canon and all of that. But the specials are when they go really crazy. And so you get to come and just let your freak flag fly!”

Brown says she was brought up believing in kindness…and she thinks that’s helped her in her career. If she wasn’t an actress, Yvette would have been a kindergarten teacher. She thinks kids are magic. Brown says she thinks I may even know who she really was a child.

“I kind of think you do! I think you met her. I was really geeky. I was really introverted. I loved anything creative, anything sci-fi. Loved Barbie. That’s no surprise,” said Brown. “Who I am as an adult is, like, just a bigger version of me at seven.”

As for where she is now in her career: Brown is happy and content.

“I think I’ve done good for myself and if something ever comes and I’m, like, ‘Oh, I got to play her’ and there’s this, you know, heart-wrenching drama, then I would totally throw myself into that, too,” said Brown. “But I like my lane. It’s a good lane.”

“Lego Star Wars Summer Vacation” starts streaming on Disney+ Friday August 5th.

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