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Inland Empire Mom Invited Her Son’s Fellow Marines Over for Thanksgiving. Then Dozens Showed Up

A proud Marine mom is creating a bright spot for dozens of servicemembers stationed in Southern California.

Pattie Castillo has two sons, including Adrien, who joined the U.S. Marine Corps last year. She is lucky to have her son stationed close to her Twentynine Palms home, but she’s learned many of the young men and women who don’t get to go home for the holidays usually stay in their rooms alone and eat fast food.

Unable to bear the thought of her son’s fellow Marines not getting proper holiday meals, Pattie decided to host holiday dinners for Marines who are stuck in Southern California in her own living room.

As the coronavirus made it challenging for many Marines to travel, her 2021 Thanksgiving dinner ended up attracting nearly 100 young men and women in service.

This year, she had fewer guests but still got to cook and feed more than 20 Marines.

“Macaroni and cheese that was home made was super good. She also had mashed potatoes that are like loaded with bacon and cheese,” recalls Lance Cpl. Ryan Vaughn, who attended this year’s Thanksgiving feast. “It’s really an awesome experience to have somebody who’s willing to open up their house and give Marines home-cooked food.”

Pattie is planning to host more Marines this Christmas. But as any parents with young men and women know, it takes a lot of food, effort — and love — to cook for dozens of them.

Pattie is happy to accept donations and help. If you would like to pitch in, email Pattie at [email protected]

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