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San Bernardino County Residents Can Get Reimbursed Up to $500 for Snow Removal


After storms dumped an unprecedented amount of snow in mountain areas of San Bernardino County, stranding or snowing in some residents, the county is updating its Snow Removal Reimbursement Program for residents and business owners.

Almost always, property owners are responsible for removing the snow off their private property.

However, because of the storms, San Bernardino County is updating its program to allow those impacted.

The Snow Removal Reimbursement Program allows residents and business owners to receive up to $500 in reimbursement for snow removal costs.

The costs include snow removal from private properties, including driveways and walkways, and private roads. This program is not available to vacant homes, unoccupied rental properties or unimproved parcels. 

On the San Bernardino County website, they provided a few suggestions for snow removal contractors for residents to choose if they do not have one already.

  • All-Pro Sweeping, Inc.: (760) 559 – 6437
  • Bear Valley Paving: (909) 866-4746
  • I Can Dig It Construction, Inc.: (909) 585-5794
  • James Bynion, J.O.B. Enterprise: (909) 991-5187
  • Romans Construction (Big Bear area only): (909) 866-4270
  • Spadaro Enterprises, Inc.: (661) 940-1914
  • Willis Construction (Big Bear area only): (909) 585-3224

To apply for the reimbursement program, check the website. Before submitting the application, the County will need to see proof of the snow removal and requires residents to upload an invoice or receipt along with after pictures of the snow removal. Pictures showing the property before snow removal are optional.

Once the application is submitted and approved by the County, it will take about 30 days for the reimbursement check to arrive.  

This is a one-time reimbursement and only applies from Feb. 22 and on. Any snow removal before Feb. 22, 2023 will not be eligible. It is limited to one applicant per address or business. 

Snow removal work must be completed by May 1, 2023. To be considered for this reimbursement, the application must be submitted by May 10, 2023.


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