Electrified cars made up almost a fifth of Q3 sales in EU

LONDON — Nearly one in five vehicles sold in the European Union in the third quarter was an electrified model…

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Slog AM: Trump’s New Social Media Site Is Called TRUTH Social, Seattle Pride Gives González Four Rainbows, and Cars Spell Trouble Around Climate Pledge Arena

Voting rights organizers back in July, a more optimistic time. Getty Images / Alex Wong / Staff Republicans have voted…

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Movie/TV News

James Bond: The 15 Best Cars 007 Has Driven

When not engaged in warfare with the world’s most insidious supervillains, James Bond gets to enjoy the finer things in…

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NanoMalaysia REVIVE initiative – will EV conversions of ICE cars be legalised in Malaysia in the near future? –

In an earlier report on the NanoMalaysia Energy Storage Technology Initiative (NESTI) programme, it was mentioned by the ministry of…

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From cars to cilantro

SIOUX LOOKOUT, Ont. — When Tyler Bernier decided he’d had enough of fixing cars for a living, it occurred to…

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Tesla will change the type of battery cells it uses in all its standard-range cars

Close up of Tesla logo on a charger at a Supercharger rapid battery charging station for the electric vehicle company…

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Thieves Steal Your Identity To Get Rental Cars And You Get Stuck With The Bills

CHICAGO (CBS) – Criminals nationwide are stealing victims’ identities and using those to rent cars. These rentals are then stolen, sold, and…

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New York

Mayoral candidate Eric Adams argues NYC has too many cars, says he was ‘wrong’ in ’90s smear of female cop

Three members of the Guardians, a fraternal organization of Black police officers, were convicted of charges after a probe triggered…

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Here’s why many people are shopping for cars online

Car buying has long been a process many Americans hate. Increasingly, dealers and companies are trying to find ways to…

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Quarter of public oppose ban on petrol and diesel cars by 2030, poll finds

A poll of environmental attitudes in seven European countries identified opposition to a ban on new diesel and petrol vehicles…

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