China’s Xi Gains Unprecedented Third Term as President

[ad_1] Delegates to the annual National People’s Congress on Friday also formally reappointed Xi as chairman of the Central Military…

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China’s Xi Jinping blasts US for ‘suppression’ amid rising tensions

[ad_1] In a rare rebuke of US policy, Chinese leader Xi Jinping on Monday accused Washington of leading “containment, encirclement and…

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Stock Market

China’s Growth Plans Give Commodities Bulls Little to Run With

[ad_1] (Bloomberg) — China’s annual National People’s Congress, the first since Beijing brought an abrupt end to three years of…

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Gallagher uses China’s illegal police stations on American soil to sound alarm on threat to US sovereignty

[ad_1] House China Select Committee Chairman Mike Gallagher will host an event today at a former illegal Chinese Communist Party…

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