Scientists discover ‘ghost’ fossils beneath a microscope

Looking through a powerful microscope, researchers were stunned to see the impressions left by single-celled plankton, or fossilized nannoplankton, that…

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Video Games

Midnight Ghost Hunt’s first big update adds a terrifying doll factory

Midnight Ghost Hunt’s first major update includes a new map full of chaotic props: baby dolls with knives and scuttling…

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Mayor Adams slams spike in ghost guns and calls for manufacturer to be stripped of federal license

NYC Mayor Eric Adams is calling on the Biden administration to yank the federal firearms license of a Nevada company…

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Streaming Media

Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 Sustainable War (2021) on Netflix USA :: New On Netflix USA

Japanese, Sci-Fi Films, Mecha & Cyborg Anime, Anime Action, Anime Sci-Fi, Anime Feature Films, Action & Adventure Unlock US Netflix…

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Movie/TV News

Ghost Rider’s Future Form Just Stole an Epic MCU Moment

Ghost Rider 2099 has transcended the physical form to become pure data. It comes with perks, such as growing to…

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Movie/TV News

Ghost Reaper Girl by Shonen Jump Ventures Deep Into Cthulhu Mythos with Forgotten Monsters

In chapter 35 of Ghost Reaper Girl, mangaka Akissa Saiké continues borrowing from Cthulhu but uses a monster first created…

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The Terrifying Ghost That Haunts the Leaked SCOTUS Opinion

Alito cited a 17th century witch-hunter in the draft opinion overturning Roe, showing us that the past is not a…

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Oak Park teen charged, held on $500K bond after bringing loaded ghost gun to school, prosecutors say

OAK PARK, Ill. (WLS) — An Oak Park teen is charged with bringing a gun onto school grounds in the…

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Heroic ‘Ghost of Kyiv’ fighter pilot is a myth, Ukraine says

NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles! The Ukrainian military officially ended speculation about the “Ghost of Kyiv,” admitting…

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A creepy, unplanned visit to a Japanese ghost town…with ice cream!【Photos】

A trip to Kiyosato on “the train line closest to the heavens.” Having grown up in a coastal town on…

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