Stock Market

Fast-Money Quants Are Buying Stocks as Human Traders Stay Put

[ad_1] (Bloomberg) — While stock-picking investors wait around trying to decide their next market move, their computer-driven counterparts have no…

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Latin American country rejects same-sex marriage in landmark court case; not a ‘human right’

[ad_1] Panama’s Supreme Court has ruled against same-sex marriage, saying that it is not a human right, closing the door…

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Computers built by human brain cells could help make AI less artificial

[ad_1] Organoids – not quantum computers – could be the next big thing in computing, if researchers from Australia are…

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Movie/TV News

The Predator Will Trust Any Human Who Does One Thing

[ad_1] Predators are willing to let their human prey live if that human does one thing (which is arguably more…

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