New York

Netanyahu says Israel won’t bend to “pressures” after Biden suggests he abandon controversial judicial overhaul

Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu responded Tuesday to a suggestion from President Biden that his government “walks away” from controversial judicial…

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Self-repossessing cars? Ford’s patent application suggests the technology is in our future

Imagine you’re running behind on car payments and your vehicle disables its AC to pressure you to pay up. Days…

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Trump suggests Manhattan DA Bragg ‘already dropped the case’ against him: ‘It’s a fake case’

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump suggested Saturday that Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has dropped the case against him for…

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Stock Market

Seeking at Least 7% Dividend Yield? Goldman Sachs Suggests 2 Dividend Stocks to Buy

Since the banking crisis began, investors have been looking toward the Federal Reserve. The central bank’s move on interest rates…

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Stranger Suggests: Cherry Blossom Festival, Spelling Bee 2023, ‘The Apple,’ Hear Me Talkin’ to You: Womxn & Blues, Algiers and Party Dozen

Douglas Smith with Marcie Sillman (BOOKS) Douglas Smith, a historian and translator who lives in Seattle, will discuss tonight his…

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Zelensky adviser suggests Putin sent body double to Ukraine

Is he Putin on a front? A top adviser to the Ukrainian government stoked conspiracy theories Monday that Russian President…

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iPhone 15 Pro leak suggests it could make a controversial button change

A new iPhone 15 Pro leak suggests the incoming smartphone could jettison a design feature that’s been ever-present on iPhones:…

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New data by AKL Therapeutics suggests investigational oral osteoarthritis drug APPA may have a promising senotherapeutic effect with potential in other diseases of ageing

STEVENAGE, England, March 20, 2023/PRNewswire/ — New data* presented at the 2023 Osteoarthritis Research Society International (OARSI) World Congress in…

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Movie/TV News

Star Wars Theory Suggests Ahsoka Tano STILL Isn’t A Jedi

One of the biggest questions the Ahsoka series can answer is what category Ahsoka Tano falls under as a Force-user.…

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Celebrity news

Penn Badgley Suggests You Season 5 Could Be Its “Grand Finale” – E! Online

“It has to go to this place for five episodes where it’s like, ‘Is he going to become a hero…

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