Biden tells reporters he won’t take questions because they’ll ask about Russia

President Biden on Friday told reporters he wouldn’t take their questions because they would only press him about Russian aggression…

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Meet the woman who tells us to mind the gap

If you’ve ever been on the London Underground, you’re bound to have heard the announcements that tell you which train…

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New York

Connecticut mom tells kids to stay in basement and eat candy while she’s in Florida: charge

Aaron Caviasca, the father of the children, said he became concerned when he was unable to get a hold of…

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Google tells free G Suite legacy users it’s time to start paying

Google has announced a major shake-up for users of its free legacy office software products, who will now have to…

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Schumer tells Democrats reluctant to nuke filibuster: ‘We are all going to go on the record’

NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles! Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer Tuesday issued a stern warning to Republicans…

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New York

Federal judge tells Fish & Wildlife Service to think again about refusing Yellowstone bison endangered status

The Watersheds Project and the Buffalo Field Campaign have advocated since 2014 to have the Yellowstone bison herds declared endangered…

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Crypto platform Bitfinex plans departure from Ontario, tells users to withdraw funds

Breadcrumb Trail Links FP Finance Cryptocurrency Departure comes after Binance made a similar move to leave Ontario following a crypto…

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Watergate figure tells how Nixon consoled Coretta Scott King

Richard Nixon’s 1968 trip to Atlanta following the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. included a private visit with…

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Celebrity news

Britney Spears Tells Jamie Lynn Spears “I Love You” After Sisters’ Feud Intensifies – E! Online

Jamie’s lawyer had said in a court filing submitted more than a week before the conservatorship was terminated that the women’s dad…

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Los Angeles

LAUSD’s new superintendent tells parents: The safest place for their children to learn is on campus

ELYSIAN HEIGHTS, LOS ANGELES (KABC) — The Los Angeles Unified School District’s new superintendent was on hand to welcome students…

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