Ross: Everybody thinks they have to be a commentator 24/7

I was listening to the “Scenarios” segment of the Gee Scott and Ursula Reutin Show yesterday, and Gee read a…

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Joe Rogan Thinks the Far-Right Patriot Front Group Are ‘Feds.’ Leaked Chats Suggest Otherwise.

When dozens of white nationalists decked out in matching garb marched in lockstep from the Lincoln Memorial toward the U.S.…

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Streaming Media

Video: IMF chief explains why she thinks inflation will end in 2023 – CNN Video

Kristalina Georgieva, managing director of the International Monetary Fund, explains why she believes that the rapid inflation experienced in the…

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Stock Market

Intuitive Surgical Stock Falls After Earnings. This Analyst Thinks It’s a Buy.

Text size robotic surgical equiptment Dreamstime Shares of Intuitive Surgical were falling Friday after the surgical equipment manufacturer reported earnings.…

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Wack 100 Thinks Bobby Shmurda Will Go “Double Wood” & “He’s Losing The Streets With All That Disco Dancing”

If it’s one thang Wack 100 will do, that’s give his opinion. In a clip circulating on the innanet, Wack…

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Activision Blizzard CEO thinks Guitar Hero and Skylanders could be revived by Microsoft

Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick has said the publisher’s acquisition by Microsoft could see the revival of the classic rhythm…

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Celebrity news

Jamie Lynn Spears Thinks Britney is Spiraling, Disturbed By Her Posts

Jamie Lynn Spears is disturbed by Britney‘s behavior on social media … and she’s taking it as a sign her…

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Stock Market

Bitcoin’s Fair Value Is a Lot Less Than the Market Thinks

Text size Dreamstime Bitcoin’s fair value is $20,851, according to the only valuation model I’m aware of for this best-known…

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Movie/TV News

10 Worst Movie Characters That Everyone Thinks Are Great, According To Reddit

Sometimes, even the most popular movie characters can fail to strike a chord with some members of the audience. If a…

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Los Angeles

How MLK’s 13-Year-Old Granddaughter Thinks You Should Spend the Holiday

At just 13, Yolanda Renee King is already a seasoned speaker and activist. Many might have first noticed the similarities…

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