Police did tens of thousands of dollars in damage to a McKinney woman’s house — she got them to pay for it all via eminent domain

Police in Texas use governmental immunity to avoid repaying taxpayers for damaging their property. A new legal playbook may have…

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Pet Monkey Fatally Shot After Ripping Woman’s Ear Like ‘A Piece Of Paper’

A pet monkey was killed after attacking a woman in Oklahoma, and the victim is detailing the injuries that she…

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Rats invade stove near pregnant NYC woman’s bedroom

UPPER MANHATTAN, N.Y. (PIX11) — Samantha couldn’t believe her eyes when her sister started playing cellphone video last Wednesday morning…

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Pet Monkey Nearly Rips Woman’s Ear in Half After Escaping Oklahoma House

An Oklahoma woman was seriously injured after her neighbor’s escaped monkey attacked her, pulled her hair, and almost ripped her…

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Neighbor’s pet monkey nearly rips off woman’s ear

A neighbor’s pet monkey attacked an Oklahoma mom in her front yard over the weekend, nearly ripping off her ear…

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Los Angeles

The Pioneer Woman’s beautiful patio set is under $200 at Walmart

Walmart Are you looking for a new patio furniture set to make your garden come alive, without spending hundreds (or…

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Inside one woman’s fight to stave off homelessness as eviction cases flood courts

In her small studio apartment in Westlake, Leticia Graham stared at her tablet as the courtroom on her screen filled…

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FBI Investigating Woman’s Death on Carnival Cruise | Entrepreneur

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) said it was an isolated incident and passengers weren’t in danger. Yet, according to…

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Waspi woman’s heart-rending plea for justice weeks before dying

Waspi stands for Women Against State Pension Injustice, a campaign group that represents around 3.8million women who were hit by…

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New York

‘The Alligator Got Her!’ Frantic 911 Calls Detail Elderly Florida Woman’s Fatal Gator Attack

Shocking 911 calls from a neighbor revealed the frantic moments after an 85-year-old Florida woman was dragged into a canal…

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