Video Games

8BitDo’s best controllers now work with iPhone, iPad, and other Apple devices

8BitDo released a new firmware update for several of its wireless controllers that adds compatibility with iPhones, iPads, Apple TV…

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8BitDo controllers now work with Apple devices | Engadget

You no longer need to pass on 8BitDo’s gamepads if you use Apple products. 8BitDo has confirmed that its controllers…

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Commuters will take longer or more costly route to work to avoid germs

Nearly half of commuters avoid using public transport completely – because of fears over poor hygiene and cleanliness. And 46…

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BBC advises staff to delete TikTok from work phones

When asked, by BBC News, why the BBC was continuing to indirectly encourage use of the app by audiences while…

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BBC tells employees to delete TikTok from work phones: report

The BBC is pressing its staffers to scrub TikTok from any work devices amid allegations that the Chinese company that…

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Elizabeth Warren: Fed Chair Powell wants to ‘put millions of people out of work’ to fight inflation

Sen. Elizabeth Warren tore into Federal Reserve Chairman Jay Powell on Sunday, accusing the presidential appointee of wanting to put…

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The way we work is about to change | CNN Business

New York CNN  —  In just a few months, you’ll be able to ask a virtual assistant to transcribe meeting…

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Here Are the Skills You Need to Succeed in Tech in 2023

Tech jobs took a heavy hit in 2022. According to, ​​424 tech companies laid off 120,253 employees in the first…

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Stock Market

I want to retire in 4 years, on what I think will be $3,100 a month. Can I make that work — and should I get a pro to help me figure this out? 

Getty Images/iStockphoto Question: I’m retiring in four years at $3,100 a month income, per my calculations. How can I stretch…

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Los Angeles

Couple work to unearth secrets of lost Mayan civilization

An American couple is using advanced technology to unearth an ancient civilization that might hold the key to building the…

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