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California governor announces aggressive $8 billion plan to boost water supply

California Gov. Gavin Newsom this week announced an aggressive new plan to tackle the state’s water shortage. The $8 billion…

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Arctic warming 4 times faster than the rest of the world, study shows

Scientists have known the Arctic is warming faster than climate models show, but a new study just put into context…

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Los Angeles

Study Hints at Potential ‘Megaflood’ in California’s Future

At a time of record heat and a severe drought it may seem strange to hear a report that says…

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Hot Nights: US in July Sets New Record for Nighttime Temperatures

Talk about hot nights, America got some for the history books last month. The continental United States in July set…

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World Elephant Day: Human populations block ‘ecosystem caretaker’ role

This World Elephant Day, environmentalists are urging the globe to learn why the largest existing land animal is so important to…

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Extreme heat uncovers lost villages, ancient ruins and shipwrecks

Extreme heat this year has triggered wildfires, drought and melting glaciers. Unexpectedly, it’s also revealed some weird and dark things…

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Los Angeles

Gov. Newsom says California must boost water recycling, desalination to shore up supply

ANTIOCH, Calif. — California should invest tens of billions of dollars in water recycling, storage and desalination over the next…

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Sweeping climate bill pushes American energy to go green

WASHINGTON — After decades of inaction in the face of escalating natural disasters and sustained global warming, Congress hopes to…

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New York

Environmental Officer Says NJ Needs Climate Change Plan

What to Know New Jersey’s top environmental officer says the state is not ready for the worsening effects of climate…

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With drought in England more frequent, how can it keep water flowing?

Climate change and a growing population mean England needs long-term solutions like new reservoirs and desalination plants, not just short-term…

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