How to increase online sales and bring your business to a new level_

Today the competition between businesses is growing, every entrepreneur strives to create a strong positioning in the online space and to get the flow of customers over the Internet. In this article, we will consider the tools that help build trust with the audience, form a long-lasting relationship, and increase the sales conversion rate.

How to influence sales with psychology?

It’s no secret that there are certain same reactions of people to various types of stimuli. These psychological triggers work effectively in sales because they allow people to have an automatic reaction, not to think about a purchase, and to make a decision quickly, on autopilot.

One of the effective triggers used in a business is reciprocity. Before pushing a person to buy something, it is important to give him free useful material: training videos or checklists. After that, the person will be more receptive to your information and more willing to take targeted action.

The next trigger you can use in sales is the image of the ideal future. Instead of describing the product and its characteristics, you should explain to the person what will change in his life after he became your client. The results are something that can inspire and ignite a person.

The next most powerful trigger is the desire to be part of the whole. When you give people the opportunity to be part of a group, they strive for it because it’s safe. So it is effective to create a community and show how many people use your product. For many online businesses, it is common to buy TikTok followers, Instagram likes, or YouTube views to create a sense of community. That way people feel trustworthy and make purchasing decisions much easier.

How to keep customers’ attention with the help of video content?

The first sales trend is short videos. In social networks, the involvement rate is very important, how much time a person can spend to look at your content. This time frame is getting smaller every year. These days, people are very unfocused, so try to keep your key messages as short as possible. Create videos up to a minute that will be in advertising or content videos that will quickly engage a person. Now, the most popular platform for this content format is TikTok. For your videos to be perceived as in-demand and authoritative, take a serious approach to package your profile: at the first stages, buy followers on TikTok to create a trusting first impression and raise your brand status, create high-quality and expert content, constantly expand your arsenal of advertising tactics to get a constant stream of clients and a steady income.

The second effective video format for sales is webinars. In an hour you can present a product, build trust, tell pricing policy, answer questions from users, etc. In any niche, a webinar very well converts the audience and brings high sales. Moreover, using the webinar can automate the work, it can replace personal meetings and seminars. You can record the selling video once and this asset will work for you all the time, generating monthly income without your involvement.

How to generate sales automatically?

There are situations when potential clients leave your social networks, a website without buying anything. Perhaps they need time to think, or they do not have money at the moment, and in most cases, these clients are lost. It is very effective to ask people for their contact information, offer them something in return, and then communicate on a long distance. One of the most effective tools for automating communication with potential clients is auto mailing. This can be done through email marketing or chat bots. With this tool, you can engage people and motivate them to make a purchase. For example, you can send people useful content for a long time, and then they become more loyal to you. You can use a rational trigger and increase a customer’s trust in a product by using statistics, facts appealing to logic. You can create an emotional motivation to buy with a sense of loss or deficit. Auto mailing helps you to get not one-time sales but allows you to monetize your contacts in the long term.

To sum up, for your business to be among the first, it is necessary to constantly monitor the trendy directions and apply new mechanics of sales through the Internet. The tools described above will help to ensure a stable flow of customers, a high conversion rate of online sales, and a stable profit.


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