How to organise a workcation

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way many of us work. With lots of companies choosing to go remote, people have more choice in where, when, and how they work. However, sitting within the same four walls can get quite monotonous, especially if you’re on your own, so it’s good to shake up your routine everyone once in a while.

Changing where you work can spark creativity and help you feel inspired, so why not treat yourself to a “workcation”? A workcation is where you continue doing your job but in a fresh environment. A trip away without using up your annual leave and you get to enjoy the location as a holiday outside of working hours – perfect. Here’s how to organise a workcation.

Booking accommodation

While this might seem like an obvious point, booking appropriate accommodation is important for a workcation. You need to book somewhere that’s conducive to a good day’s work. Finding a quiet, peaceful location will create fewer distractions and more concentration, helping boost your productivity.

It’s also important to check the internet connection in your accommodation, as the last thing you want to be worrying about is an internet connection or using your phone as a hotspot.

Booking your accommodation in advance often gives you access to more options that are better value for money. Before booking a place to stay, consider your financial situation to ensure you can afford the expense.

Charging and adaptors

You will need constant access to a power point, so make sure you have the appropriate adapters before you travel. Avoid the stress of your laptop battery dying and research the adaptor you need for your chosen country. Look online for the best deals.

Check out local workspaces

There might be some local internet cafés or shared workspaces near to your accommodation, giving you more working options. Local places are often a great way to meet new people and embrace the local culture, so you can enjoy yourself while you work.

Be mindful of time differences

While time differences might not feel like an issue to you, they could get in the way of work meetings. Keep a close eye on your schedule and ensure you’re not late or early for any important appointments. If your employer has offered the flexibility of a workcation, they may not take kindly to slack timekeeping.

Give yourself time to chill

Yes, a workcation offers a variety of potential places for you to work, but it’s also designed to give you a break from your normal routine. While you’re away, try to stay within your working hours and use any spare time to explore and relax.

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