Is hiring the hardest part when you start a business?

When you start a business, you can have an innovative idea, a detailed business plan and the capital to grow quickly. But if you don’t have the right talent around you to help, your business might not get off the ground. Hiring is crucial for your company; but is it the hardest part of starting a business? Read on to find out.

Why is hiring hard for start-ups?

Hiring has become more difficult for businesses and start-ups since the pandemic. Given the wealth of opportunities available now with remote working, candidates now have more choices than before. This means that start-ups need to stand out from an increasingly vast crowd, while convincing candidates about their vision more effectively. Candidates will need to be incredibly clear about the role they’re stepping into. Furthermore, you’ll need to do everything you can to show candidates that your start-up is stable and the perfect environment for someone to further their career. Given all these factors, it’s become increasingly difficult for start-ups to hire.

Tips to hire the perfect match

Great company vision

The top talent will want to be part of a journey – they’ll be attracted by a business that has a path towards growth and success. As such, you’ll need to convince candidates of your vision and ambitions. You can begin this process by showcasing your company’s culture and plans for the future. And you can demonstrate this with data from your market research and financial projections. This will require a persuasive pitch and passion for your business.

Flexible working

Since the pandemic, the UK has led Europe and the USA in the shift towards flexible and hybrid working. Indeed, commuter numbers in the UK are still 20 per cent below pre-pandemic levels. As such, to attract the top talent it can help if you offer flexible work. This is where your employees come into the office once or twice a week, while being given the option to work the rest of the week from home. This flexible perk can attract plenty of top talent.

Get help from the system

You can also attract employees with the help of your computer system. If you’re running your HR department and payroll manually, it can seem unprofessional or old-fashioned. However, by installing a professional software platform such as a human resource management system you can streamline this process and appear more attractive to candidates.

Hiring the right talent can determine how far your start-up goes. And by following the guide above, you should be all set to make a compelling pitch to any prospective candidates you want to hire for your business.

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