The top 5 Australian YouTubers in the world of crypto

Technology has generated innovative and cutting-edge products almost every year over the years, which is not surprising given that it is constantly evolving. Breakthroughs and technological advancements have resulted in the birth of decentralized systems such as cryptocurrency and digital markets, and millions of people now live in the online world.

Given the growing number of websites that assist people in meeting their needs, the number of social media platforms and educational websites that function as a learning ground for individuals to gain knowledge about cryptocurrency is growing. Youtube is a fantastic source of information and entertainment. To make the most of this website, check out these five crypto YouTubers you should be following.


1.     Alex Saunders

Alex Saunders purchased Bitcoin in 2012 and has since launched the Nuggets News YouTube channel. When reviewing the channel, we noticed that it’s comprehensive on how to start a successful niche YouTube channel and how to make a living from it. The channel also discloses why he started Nuggets News, different crypto assets, Ethereum, XRP, and others, how to stay competitive in the industry, what makes valuable content and how to create it, tips and tricks for remaining on top of the work that comes with running a YouTube channel, and what Alex has planned for the coming years.


2.     Beau Stoner

Beau Stoner is a well-known individual in the cryptocurrency world, with a large following on YouTube. Beau Stoner and his team constantly post several videos per day, demonstrating their extensive cryptocurrency knowledge and expertise with a wide range of content that covers technical and fundamental analysis, Crypto media, and projects, all while keeping the mood light and enjoyable for their audience.

One of the reasons why so many people enjoy this channel is that, amidst having the necessary expertise and understanding of cryptocurrency, the hosts never fail to allow other crypto experts to share their experiences for the show’s audience to hear as well. Furthermore, he also advised that before entering the world of crypto, it’s wise to pack some knowledge and skills and utilise them until you master them, and what better way to do that than to get involved with a platform such as Immediate Edge, as it helps traders to transact with different cryptocurrencies, both Bitcoin and Altcoins.

3.     Crypto Banter

It’s understandable to have difficulty finding YouTube channels that discuss cryptos, especially if you’re a newcomer with no idea where to begin. Crypto Banter is well-known as a channel for anyone interested in the cryptocurrency industry, from novices to professionals. It is an excellent source of information for all crypto community members, with its multiple crypto topics, live streaming news, NFT, Blockchain, Bitcoin, DeFi, and other crypto-related topics. Furthermore, the hosts conduct interviews with the most influential cryptocurrency guests, such as crypto billionaires, founders, and professional traders, in order to share their experiences and insights with the viewers.

4.     Benjamin Cowen

To analyse digital currency prices, mathematics and computational complexity are required if you want to be a professional crypto trader. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to have a mathematical computation specialist explain how to analyse crypto values with you, Benjamin Cowen’s channel is for you. To assist his viewers, he creates videos about outstanding long-term technical analysis that is math-based.

Benjamin Cowen uses advanced mathematical models to analyse various crypto assets and provides an excellent long-term point of view on when is the best time to buy crypto and the reasonable price target potentials through programming. This channel is the best place to learn about the lowest risk, highest reward cryptocurrency investing opportunities.

5.     Andreas Antonopolous

Andreas Antonopolous is one of the most well-known figures in the crypto community. His YouTube channel, which discusses his theories and opinions on various aspects of cryptocurrency, from trends to tokens, is a big hit with crypto enthusiasts. His channel is so amazing that, despite his solid foundation and knowledge in crypto, Andreas remains very neutral in his analysis and even invites founders of crypto platforms or tokens for a discussion and debate.


Final Thoughts

It’s no surprising fact that there are numerous cryptocurrency channels on Youtube. These Cryptocurrency-related channels can soak you with knowledge, advice, and strategies that will assist you in succeeding in the field. Traders on various crypto platforms can also gather information because several videos cover various cryptos.

Remember that it’s critical to understand cryptocurrency before leaping into investing and trading. While watching YouTube videos is entertaining and one of the most effective ways to learn, keep in mind that there are also numerous articles and community groups that you can visit.

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