Daily Jackpots and the games you can play

With the popularity of online casinos forever increasing, is it any wonder that sites offer promotions and offers to either entice new players to sign up and create an account, or to reward existing players for their continued loyalty? With this in mind, have you ever looked at what games are usually associated with the casino offers that are available? If you answered no, you’re in luck as we’re just about to take a look. Read on to discover games that are usually linked to casino offers and promotions, particularly the Daily Jackpot!

Daily Jackpots

In most cases, the slots that are linked to offers run by casino sites are linked to the Daily Jackpot games in one way or another. With this being said, we thought it would be a great idea to give you a quick run-through of what a Daily Jackpot is before we explore some of the many games you can find within this section of a gaming site.

A Daily Jackpot is essentially a slot containing a blend of a progressive jackpot and a timed element. This helps to build excitement, especially when you can see the jackpot increasing throughout the day.

A progressive jackpot is a jackpot that’s always increasing. Usually, all Daily Jackpot games are linked to other sites, also displaying and hosting the game, so when more players place a wager and enter the game, the jackpot increases.

Now to the timed element we previously mentioned. That’s right – there’s a timer on the jackpot. Promptly named a Daily Jackpot, the prize pot needs to be won daily before the clock strikes 11pm. So, if a game is still strutting its jackpot worth at 10pm, it might be a good idea to take a spin and see if you can reap anything from the reels.

No one knows when the game will pay out the jackpot, as this is left down to a Random Number Generator (RNG). The RNG doesn’t know when it’ll select a winner, as it generates a new, unpredictable combination every second. The RNG also has no memory, so when the prize has been won, it doesn’t mean it’ll pay out at the same time the next day, or to the same player. This creates a fair and equal opportunity for all that play.

Daily Jackpot Games

Some of the many games you can play to see if you can bag yourself that Daily Jackpot include:

  • Vault Cracker – a bank robbery themed-game with many bonus features, all trying to lend you a hand in cracking the safes and taking home plenty of cash!
  • Da Vinci’s Mystery Super Lines – with a mystery surrounding the man himself, Leonardo da Vinci, spin the reels to uncover his works including a painting of the Mona Lisa to claim the riches hidden within, for yourself.
  • Jade Charms – enter a high-end jewellery shop, where a Chinese theme is showcased with the beauty of jade stone jewellery and bonus features, all available to those who enter and take a turn on the reels.
  • Ten Elements – a game based on the fantasy novel ‘Journey of Flowers’, a Chinese themed-game with five reels played against pastel shades and a cloud filled backdrop, where one of the best paying symbols is a glow-worm.
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