So what is birdwatching, and who does it?


There are so many different species of birds in the world. Scientists have studied more than 95%, about 18,000 species. For some, it is like a lifestyle and hobby. Others use observation for hunting purposes. This is how humanity gets closer to nature, studies them, and constantly learns something new. It is interesting to observe the life of another species different from humans. Their movement, communication with each other, how they hunt for food, feed their chicks, breed, etc. But still, observing the species just for the photo, some outstanding individuals come out very cool, and it is also a hobby for photographers.

So what is birdwatching, and who does it?

Birdwatching is ornithology, which observes and studies bird life with binoculars or telescopes, a camera with a good zoom lens, and so on. In addition to visual observation, auditory observation is also used. After all, you can also learn the animal species by communicating; some individuals have lovely singing. Most often used not for science, as scientists have studied almost all birds, and for the hobby and interest in wildlife, entertainment or recreation. Since not everywhere there are different species of birds, observers travel to other countries and combine their hobby with a trip to different parts of the world to discover new breeds and learn something interesting. Scientifically they are called ornithologists, but as we said before, most of the people involved in it are ordinary people who are just interested in watching the life of these species. The first time watched birds was about 1880, and it began in Britain, but also in the United States; too was interested as a scientific purpose and as a hobby and engaged in it a lot of people. Germany, Switzerland, Scandinavia, and so on kept up, and their people were also doing it.

Since it is not always possible to observe simply with the eyes, for this exciting business, there is a lot of different equipment which allows comfortably and without any difficulties to keep the bird. Now, we will try to tell you something interesting about some of them.

1. Binoculars.

If you are new to the field, you need at least a set of binoculars to help you quickly observe and enjoy beautiful bird species. Why a group rather than one good pair of binoculars? Because you will be able to dominate with the viewing range of the animal and observe them even from the farthest point. There are small, so to speak, compact binoculars, and there are large ones for a good viewing range. It is difficult for a beginner to choose which binoculars he needs for this beautiful hobby, so it is better to take a beginner’s kit for a birdwatching enthusiast at once. You’ll need about $100-$200 for an essential pair of binoculars. And if you treat them well and maintain them in time, they will last you a very long time, and you won’t need to buy new ones all the time.

2. A unique field guide.

Suppose you are interested in watching birds and learning more about them: (species and all information). Then you need to take a field guide. It is a book which describes all the information about all birds that live in a particular area. Even the guide tells about each species, where it can be, and where you can often find a large flock. And a lot of helpful information for birdwatchers or people who like it as a hobby.

3. Camera.

If you not only like to watch birds but also take beautiful photos or videos, then you need a good camera. You can’t take perfect pictures on your phone, but a camera can help you get good pictures that you can show to other people with the same hobby. And if you already enjoy doing it very much, you will have good memories in the form of photos or videos that you will always look back and remember as a good time.

But if you already enjoy watching birds and are willing to do it at any time of day or night, even in bad weather. Then there’s more excellent equipment to help you observe in the dark. We will also try to tell you about this night’s optics.

Night vision monocular.

This mini telescope is much better than any binoculars, providing you with the excellent transmission of light and a good image in any weather, and most importantly, when it is dark outside. It is so compact that it will fit in your backpack or pocket without any problem. Still, it will be more comfortable to look out of monoculars because, as I said above, it will be more comfortable and compact, and the image will be at a better level than the binoculars. Yes, there are also night vision binoculars. There are a lot of night vision devices but not so many for bird watching. But they are enough for a good and even good view of birds in the dark. Because technology does not stand still, there is always something new and improved. Even now, they have reached the point where you can get a clear and good image at night when observing.

A night vision camera.

Yes, there is also a camera that is not bad at night. It would be an ideal way to watch birds around the clock. A photo trap is used in the woods to capture any animal. This camera captures everything in the frame without your knowledge and when you are not around. For bird watching, it is also great. You just place the trap on an elevated spot and don’t even have to wait for the bird to come in. The camera will take a picture immediately—a convenient thing to take photos and videos in the wild.

Well, today we told you about a beautiful and enjoyable hobby, which is very exciting and makes you not sit at home. We told you right away about the equipment you need for exciting observation. If you are interested, you should try it on yourself, and perhaps you will have a new hobby. After all, without them, your hobby will not be complete, and you will not get as much pleasure and interest in the animal world.

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