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Why Ashley Tisdale Decided to Share Her 10-Year Alopecia Journey – E! Online


But, at other times, social media can feel like it’s heavier on the trolls than the double taps. 

Which is why when the actress stashed her iPhone away for five days ahead of National Day of Unplugging, she emerged with both a finally organized storage unit and a sunnier outlook on life. 

As challenging as it was (U.S. Cellular has some tips on going analog for their challenge, Phones Down for 5), “the benefits of putting my phone down for five days and becoming way more present with my family was so helpful for my mental health,” Tisdale shared. “I just felt so much pressure come off of me.” 

And, not going to lie, getting a break from the constant scrolling was pretty nice. 

“Recently, TikTok has been one that flares my anxiety,” she admitted. “There’s such fun stuff that I love about TikTok, but then there’s a lot of scary stuff and negative and toxic stuff. You just get drawn into it. And then you realize you’re an hour into this TikTok situation and you’re like, ‘What am I doing?’ It’s nice to be free of that and to just be in the moment more because you really feel less pressure, you feel happier.” 


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