Bill Maher rips Chinese spy balloon uproar: ‘Who gives a s–t?’

“Real Time” host Bill Maher was quick to dismiss the Chinese spy balloon that was spotted flying over the United States.

“You know what people are freaking out about this week? There’s a balloon, a Chinese spy balloon over Montana. Oh, my God!” Maher mocked the panic during his opening monologue on Friday night. “Now they know where we keep the cows!”

“Who gives a s—?” Maher asked his audience.

Maher acknowledged how the Chinese government is denying that it is spying on the United States.

“There’s saying, ‘It’s very innocent. It’s a weather balloon.’ They said they would never use a spy balloon to infiltrate and monitor America. That’s what TikTok is for,” Maher quipped. 

The HBO star mocked the “usual suspects on the right” who are saying to “shoot this f—— thing down” while experts say it’s “too dangerous” to remove it without knowing what’s in it.

Maher roasted the people’s reaction to a Chinese balloon.
ABC via Getty Images

“So we just have to watch from a distance until it slowly and inevitably crashes and burns — like we’re doing with Kanye,” Maher joked. 

“Speaking of blimps, Donald Trump is in the news,” Maher segued into the next topic, addressing how the former president lashed out at the “Real Time” host earlier this week.

On his social media app Truth Social, Trump railed against Maher, calling him a “Low Ratings sleazebag.”

In this photo provided by Brian Branch, a large balloon drifts above the Kingstown, N.C. area, with an airplane and its contrail seen below it.
China claims the balloon isn’t spying on the U.S.
Brian Branch via AP

“I don’t have low ratings,” Maher smirked. 

Maher told his audience he could tell “the 24 is already on” because Trump’s “going at me again.”

“Yes, I’m a ‘low-ratings sleazebag’ who laughs at conservatives because he thinks we’re weak and stupid. He’s so weak and stupid,” Maher taunted the former president. 

The “Real Time” host predicted the nickname Trump will give former South Carolina governor and his former UN Amb. Nikki Haley, who is set to launch her presidential campaign later in February: “Tricky Nikki.” 

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