How to Use Cartoon Animation Video Maker for Virtual Conferences?

The pandemic taught the world it is possible to conduct all business transactions without being physically present. Many organizations are exploring opportunities to run their operations virtually.

Organizations are now leveraging virtual conferences and online events for business operations for staff and customers. Without the face-to-face component of physical interactions, virtual conferences become boring, and people can easily get distracted.

However, using animated videos can solve this problem. You can use an animated video creator to make an attention-grabbing video to keep your audience glued to the screen until the end of your conference.

Why Use Cartoon Animation for Virtual Conferences

We understand. The last thing you would think of to make your conference engaging is cartoon animation, especially if you are focusing on a serious topic. Again, cartoons are often thought of as childish without a place in the professional world. Well, this is further from the truth.

It is gradually making its way into the corporate world. Many businesses are using cartoon animation to communicate complete topics or illustrate critical points that may have been difficult to convey through static images.

With cartoon animations, you can transform a boring topic into an engaging one and keep your audience interested all through the virtual conference.

How to make Animated Videos for Virtual Conferences

So, now that you know it is possible to use animated videos to deliver engaging virtual conferences, the next step is to know how to make animated video designs. The first step in making animated videos is to choose a cartoon maker.

There are several options for animation makers in the market, and choosing the best option can be challenging. We will recommend the Doratoon software tool as the best option you can find in the market.

What is Doratoon?

Doratoon is a powerful animated video maker with features to make exceptionally engaging cartoon videos for any purpose, including virtual conferences. It is feature-rich and has everything you need to create animated videos.

You do not need any skills or experience to use the software. As a fact, Doratoon is pre-built with every feature and element you need to create a show-stopping animation video.

From customizable templates to animated characters, 2D and 3D backgrounds, stock photos, and video clips, you have all you need. The best part is you can use the tool for free.

Why Use Doratoon to make Animated Videos for Virtual Conferences

The features of this powerful tool make it the best option for creating videos for virtual conferences. Doratoon boasts impressive features to make your video-making super easy and fast. These features include:

  • An extensive library of customizable animated templates
  • AI Drawing and A1 Dubbing with a speech-to-text mechanism
  • 100M+ royalty-free stock video clips and photos
  • 10000+ 2D and 3D background images and themes
  • 10000+ stock props
  • 1000+ animated characters with over 8000 facial expressions and actions

These are some of the features offered by Doratoon for creating powerfully engaging videos for virtual conferences. The software also allows you to import content to customize your animated videos.

How to Use Doratoon to make Animated Videos

So, now that you know what Doratoon offers, the next thing is to know how to make animated videos using the software. In four simple steps, you can make your video in minutes. Here are the easy steps to create your video on the web-based platform.

Step One: Register for a free account at the official website of Doratoon.

Step Two: Browse through the premade templates to select one that suits your needs. You can filter the templates by categories, including Marketing & Sales, HR, Education, Hospitality, Whiteboard, and more.

Step Three: Upload your presentation content and customize the template. The intuitive editing tools make it easy to adapt the template to your taste and content. You may also explore the music library to select a royalty-free soundtrack or sound effect to add more dynamism to your video.

Step Four: Preview your video when you are done and download it to your computer. You can then share it with your audience or present it remotely to your target audience.

These are the four easy steps to use this animated video creator. You do not need any skills or experience to use this tool. Everything you need to inspire your thinking and creativity is on Doratoon.

Tips for Making Animated Videos for Virtual Conferences

It can become overwhelming when creating an animated video, especially if you have never worked on such a project. However, it is easier than you thought. Using the right tips can make the process seamless and fun for you. Here are three tips to help you with making your videos for your next conference.

●       Plan the Content of Your Animated Video Long before creating it

It is quick to make animated videos. However, the actual work should start long before creating it. We recommend you start planning the video-making process at least one month in advance. Develop the concept for your video and write the script. Fine-tune your concept and script before going into production.

●      Group your Scripts into Engaging Sections

Your audience can easily get distracted when watching a long video, irrespective of how engaging it is. However, when you break the script and create the video in sections, you make your audience look forward to the next part. Having natural breaks allows you to talk through your presentation video to drive home your point.

●      Connect Your Brand to the Video

Animated virtual conference video is another marketing tool and you must leverage it effectively. Use your brand logo and taglines. Do not forget to introduce your brand fonts and colors. All these combine to enhance your brand presence and reinforce the reputation of your organization in the mind of your audience.

Final Thought

Animated videos can improve virtual conferences if used appropriately. The best part is you can use the perfect cartoon animation video maker—Doratoon to make animated videos in just a few minutes. And you can also repurpose the video on Doratoon for your marketing campaign after you get more ideas on the conference.

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