Nvidia’s GPU dominance is now so total that Intel and AMD are fighting over scraps


A surprising new report shows Intel is now neck and neck with AMD when it comes to graphics card market share – a seemingly remarkable achievement considering Intel has only recently started producing discrete consumer GPUs.

I say “seemingly” as the report, which comes courtesy of PC market research company JPR (opens in new tab), notes that both AMD and Intel are on 9% of the GPU market – while market leader Nvidia is way ahead of both at a huge 82% of the market.

While it’s certainly impressive that Intel has managed to catch up with the much more established (in the discrete GPU space) AMD, there’s no denying that it feels a bit like Intel and AMD are fighting over scraps, while Nvidia continues to dominate sales.

A very subtle image of money falling in front of Nvidia's HQ while GPUs pop out

(Image credit: Dmytro Balkhovitin / michelmond / ImageFlow / Nvidia)

A monopoly is never good


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