Buster Murdaugh sat stone-faced as dad Alex found guilty in murder of mom, brother


Convicted killer Alex Murdaugh’s surviving son sat stone-faced at the Colleton County Courthouse Thursday as a South Carolina jury returned a guilty verdict on all charges against his father in the double-homicide trial.

Buster Murdaugh displayed little to no emotion in the aftermath of his father’s conviction for murdering his mother and brother at the family’s Islandton estate in 2021.

Buster Murdaugh, the son of Alex Murdaugh, listens as Alex Murdaugh's verdict is read.
Buster Murdaugh, the son of Alex Murdaugh, listens as Alex Murdaugh’s verdict is read.

Buster did not have much of a reaction to his dad's murder conviction.
Buster did not have much of a reaction to his dad’s murder conviction.

Sitting on the aisle a few rows behind his father, the 26-year-old’s left hand rested against the side of his face as each jury member confirmed their verdict, according to live courtroom footage.

As a handcuffed Alex Murdaugh was led from the courtroom, he said a few words to his lawyer, but did not turn to look at Buster, who remained seated.

Alex Murdaugh was found guilty Thursday evening.
Alex Murdaugh was found guilty Thursday evening.

He was led away in handcuffs afterward.
Alex Murdagh did not turn to look at Buster before being led away in handcuffs.

Alex Murdaugh’s conviction comes after a weekslong trial where he stood accused of fatally shooting his 52-year-old wife Maggie and 22-year-old son Paul.

Buster actually testified on behalf of his 54-year-old father last Tuesday, where his testimony was supposed to punch holes in the prosecutors’ case.

His father cracked a smile as his surviving son took the stand, and even patted his son’s buttocks during a break in testimony.

Far left: Paul and Maggie, followed by husband Alex and brother Buster.
An undated photo of Paul, Maggie, Alex, and Buster Murdaugh.

Onlookers have paid close attention to Buster Murdaugh’s behavior as the trial dragged on, and he particularly stood out when he buried his head in his hand during his father’s cringe testimony last week.  

Alex Murdaugh, a disgraced and disbarred legal scion, was also emotionless as he stood when his guilty verdict was announced — despite frequently being overcome with emotions throughout the proceedings, to the point where tears and snot ran down his face as he testified last week.

Sentencing is set for Friday morning at 9:30.


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