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Readers sound off on firefighter safety, Tucker Carlson’s video and NYC lobbyists


Stamford, Conn.: Uniformed Firefighters Association President Andrew Ansbro is absolutely right in his request that firefighters’ gear be immediately decontaminated after being exposed to lithium-ion battery fires (“Fear battery blazes,” Feb. 26).

The city has a non-negotiable duty to do everything possible to protect New York’s Bravest with the highest-quality firefighting tools available. With the proliferation of lithium-ion battery fires, long-term harm from chemical exposure is as menacing as the dangers from firefighting itself. The least we can do for the heroes who protect its citizens from fire danger is to provide them with the best protocols possible.

I gained a new respect for New York’s Bravest when I witnessed a team of firefighters in action a few short weeks ago on E. 63rd St. in Manhattan. The bravery exhibited was extraordinary. As fire was literally shooting out of the top of a tenement building, a firefighter climbed a ladder toward the flames to protect those in danger. The team of firefighters executed their mission with military precision and incredible coordination.

These men and women made me proud. They deserve every support available. Firefighters risk their lives as a matter of routine and it should be the FDNY’s routine to provide every bit of support that they request in order to perform their jobs with maximum safety. This should not be a matter for controversy. FDNY Fire Commissioner Laura Kavanagh should listen to Ansbro and do as he asks, plain and simple! Peter Janoff

FDNY firefighters battle a fire in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Feb. 21, 2023.

Manhattan: Why all the hubbub over the LIRR’s long-awaited East Side Access project? A determination was made long ago that a demand for such service existed. That need was met with supply. Understandably, such an undertaking required a revamping of train schedule service that will be tweaked as needed. Just once, I would like to hear Dashing Dan from Valley Stream philosophically opine, “Well, if it’s for the greater good, I’ll put a big H on my chest, and Handle it.” What a bunch of milk cows! Aydin Torun

Staten Island: I ask you: How can the NYPD, especially Pat Lynch, who represents the police union, call itself a brotherhood? A brotherhood would stand united for every law officer in any city and state. When D.C. police officers got crushed — especially Brian Sicknick from New Jersey, who was beaten so badly by Trump supporters that he died in the hospital — did Lynch or any New York police stand together and denounce the violence? No. They stand for Donald Trump, a president who watched everything on TV and did nothing but say how much he loves his supporters. Months after every Democrat and only two Republican representatives called the D.C. officers heroes, Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell wouldn’t even meet with the mother of Sicknick. Are these the so-called leaders you endorse? Mark Tarasiewicz

Auburn, Mass.: You call yourself a newspaper, a journal with up-to-date info. You have no headline or story about the Jan. 6 tapes from Tucker Carlson. You can ignore it. Carry water for the illegal, ill-advised Jan. 6 Committee, but I’m through with you. Russia, Russia, Russia. R. Palmieri

Newtown, Pa.: To S.E. Cupp: Sadly, the readers of your column “Fox’s Carlson keeps the cult doped up on lies” (March 8) won’t be getting the full story either, just like the American people didn’t get the full story during the Jan. 6 hearings due to selective editing. But when Carlson caters to his audience, it’s “angertainment?” Laughable. C’mon, if the committee had done its job in a bipartisan way — and if you would do yours with real, unbiased reporting — we all might benefit. Please do better. J.W. Steen

Scranton, Pa.: If Fox News fraudster and Capitol riot apologist Tucker Carlson were employed by the Al Qaeda propaganda network on 9/11, he would have reported the attacks on America by hijacked aircraft as a few overzealous Muslim tourists so eager to visit the World Trade Center and the Pentagon that they couldn’t wait for their planes to land. So they mischievously commandeered the planes and errantly flew them into a building here and there. Unfortunately, there were casualties. But, as with the pandemic victims unfairly blamed on Donald Trump, they would have all expired someday anyway. The hijackers — er, tourists — didn’t hate America. Trust me — Tucker Carlson — as I stare at you with my confused puppy dog face. They loved America, every bit as much as the Jan. 6 sightseers who were carried into the Capitol by a few bad Antifa apples! Vin Morabito

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Manhattan: Someone wake Voicer Steven Malichek: The Mueller investigation nabbed six former Trump advisers, 26 Russian nationals, three Russian companies, one Californian and one London-based lawyer. Charges included election interference. The inquest recouped more in offshore tax-evaded accounts than it cost, and the conclusion wasn’t “phony,” it just wasn’t enough to get an indictment on the Teflon Don. But that might change now that there are several other investigations into Trump, including election interference in Georgia, tax evasion and business fraud in New York, and sexual assault. Glad to explain it to you. Sam Katz

Poughkeepsie, N.Y.: Thank you for listing the top 10 lobbyists in New York (“10 top ear-benders in the city revealed,” March 8). A follow-up article on exactly how that money is spent would be even more enlightening. What politicians got that money? How much did each politician get? And most importantly, how did those politicians vote on the lobbyists’ issues? Shirley Freitas

Itasca, Ill.: As an American male, my pronouns are he, him and his. As someone who exercises, plays guitar and drives a car, my verbs are walk, strum, pick and commute. I like to think my adjectives are even-tempered, witty and open-minded. That means I’m not offended if you use different adjectives to describe me. Because I’ve been known to dangle a participle, split an infinitive and end a sentence with a preposition, I’m also non-judgmental. I guess that makes me a literary liberal. Understand, though, that my strict adherence to brevity makes me a MAGA (Make America Grammatical Again) conservative. Nice to meet you, too. Jim Newton

Manalapan, N.J.: I applaud Voicer Shirley Forde for condemning the obnoxious behavior of Ted Cruz against Attorney General Merrick Garland. It was pure McCarthyism (Joseph, that is). Cruz’s favorite tactic is to shout down and cut off civil testimony and shovel his hatred into the witness’ face. He is a dirtbag propagandist for the far right. Garland had done nothing wrong and had, in fact, dispatched federal marshals to the homes of the justices to ensure security from the demonstrators who had been protesting peacefully. None of these justices were ever assaulted in public or private. Compare that to the Jan. 6 attack by Cruz’s friends. Herb Paserman

Manhattan: Every time I see the ad from the Literacy Foundation, all I can think about is how beautiful the children are. The mom (I could be wrong, but they resemble her) is a very good-looking woman. Kudos to all three for that beautiful picture. Vanessa Enger

Bronx: Kudos to all who mentioned great comic strips of the past in the Daily News — Voicers Michael J. Vassallo, Mary Jo McDonough and Nancy Reilly. Here is yet another delightful strip that brings back great memories: “Curtis.” Neil Dick

Bronx: I think it is disgraceful that Mayor Adams is still pushing to replace the health insurance coverage of New York City retirees with an inferior Medicare Advantage plan, claiming the city can’t afford to pay for their current plan while all the while continuing to spend $5 million a day (some $150 million every month) to provide housing, schooling and health care for noncitizens who are entering the city every day. If the city can see its way clear to provide free health care to noncitizens, it is unconscionable to deny retirees the health care benefits they were promised and that they paid for with their hard work. Joanne Vairo


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