Video Games

Deathloop trophies and achievements guide

There are 55 trophies and achievements to earn in Deathloop. Below, you’ll find a list of all 55 and their…

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Sony’s PS5 Trophies might be better than Xbox Achievements now

If you’re a fan of collecting PS5 Trophies, like me, Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 5 system update gives the shiny virtual…

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Stanley Cup Playoffs 2021: Conference championship trophies will not be awarded, NHL says

Getty Images There will be less trophies handed out than usual during the upcoming Stanley Cup Playoffs. NHL Chief Content…

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Thanks, But No Thanks: Tom Cruise Returns 3 Golden Globe Trophies

Like Mother, Like Daughter: Katie Austin Joins Forces With Mom, DVD Fitness Queen Denise AustinThe mother-daughter duo joined forces during…

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Los Angeles

Tom Cruise Returns Golden Globe Trophies to HFPA as NBC Skips 2022 Broadcast

Tom Cruise has reportedly given back his three Golden Globe statues to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, following outrage against…

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Movie/TV News

How to Earn PlayStation 5 Trophies in Final Fantasy 14

The PlayStation 5 version of Final Fantasy 14 has new Trophies. Players will need to go through all expansions to…

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