California High School Junior, 16, Dies After Being Stabbed 3x By Freshman Student


A Santa Rosa, California family is now laying flowers at a memorial outside Montgomery High School. According to CBS News, two students were stabbed during an altercation at the school on Wednesday. One student has reportedly died.

The Altercation Between The High School Students

According to CBS News, family members identified the 16-year-old stabbing victim as Jayden Pienta.

On Wednesday afternoon, Pienta and another 16-year-old student reportedly entered a classroom when an art class was being held. The students, both juniors, allegedly confronted a 15-year-old freshman and an argument erupted.

According to the police, a teacher and three aides were able to “briefly break up the fight.” However, the three students began fighting again and the freshman reportedly brandished a knife. Then stabbed Pienta and the other 16-year-old student.

Santa Rosa Police Chief John Cregan described the weapon to reporters and briefly detailed the students’ injuries.

The knife was described as a folding knife with a black handle that had a blade of approximately four to five inches… One of those students received what appeared to be three stab wounds to his upper body. One student received one stab wound to his left hand.

What Happened After Officers Arrived At The Scene

According to police, officers arrived within four minutes of receiving the phone call regarding the incident.

Both Pienta and the 16-year-old student were able to make their way to the nurse’s office to assess their injuries. Additionally, when officers arrived, both students “were alert and conscious” and provided officers with their initial statements.

However, things took a turn when both students were transported to a local hospital. According to the outlet, Pienta was the student that sustained three stab wounds to his body and was pronounced dead at the facility.

The other 16-year-old student sustained one stab wound to his hand, and is “expected to survive his injuries.”

The 15-Year-Old Suspect Reportedly Fled The Scene

After the incident, the 15-year-old freshman student reportedly fled the campus. However, authorities soon received a tip that the student was hiding out at a nearby creek bed. Police located the suspect, and took him into custody.

In a statement released on the Santa Rosa Police Department’s Facebook page, it was revealed that the 15-year-old was charged with “homicide, attempted homicide, felony weapon on a school campus and misdemeanor battery on a school campus.”

The 15-year-old’s identity has not been released due to his age.

Family Members & Students React To The Tragedy

Pienta’s grandmother spoke exclusively with the outlet, explaining that the 16-year-old was a “quiet and gentle boy” who “did not harm anybody.” Additionally, his aunt shared on her thoughts on the tragedy, describing the incident as shocking.

He minded his own business. He did good in school. He was one of the sweetest, most lovable, kindest, cutest, most compassionate… He didn’t deserve any of this. Nobody saw this coming. It’s an absolute tragedy and a loss.

Additionally, the family blasted the high school, which they said didn’t do anything to prevent the stabbing from occurring. Despite previous incidents between the students.

The school didn’t do anything. They did nothing. They were reported to last week when tires were slashed and there were confrontations, but they didn’t do anything. They didn’t document it. They didn’t call parents.

Furthermore, Pienta’s grandmother revealed that they learned of the 16-year-old’s stabbing from his fellow students.

They didn’t even call the parents today! School kids called the parents today to let them know their son had just been stabbed.

It was complete negligence. Absolute crap. It’s unacceptable. It is unacceptable behavior. This is where we trust our children to go! This is where they’re supposed to be safe!

One student even voiced her frustrations with the school and their alleged mishandling of the entire situation.

This school should be held accountable. A student had to call 911. Nobody else did. A student did; a kid. The school didn’t do anything. The school knew these two had problems beforehand. The school — it’s their job to keep us safe.

School officials reportedly confirmed that Montgomery High School would remain closed on Thursday and Friday.


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