Expecting The Not-So-Expected – What’s Grand Theft Auto VI Going To Bring For Us?

Since Rockstar Games released GTA 3, the series has become exceedingly popular amongst the world of gaming. And, there’s more than one reason behind the same, including –

  • The elusive open-world environment.
  • An excellent crime-thriller storyline, and
  • More than one enticing graphical element.

So, in this article, we’re going to talk about the brand new GTA that’s going to release pretty soon. There’ll be some additional information available here too. So, stay tuned!

GTA – VI: What We Know So Far?

So, like always, Rockstar Games have been quite tight-lipped when it comes to leaking some form of information regarding GTA – VI. But, we do have some data (or rumors, if you may) in this regard that we want to share with you. So, let’s begin.

1. The Release Date.

Although nothing’s been confirmed yet, we’re expecting the brand new GTA game to launch in 2025. And, the month might be October, as Rockstar has released most of the GTA games during that period. However, as we said, it’s yet to be confirmed. So, finger’s crossed!

2. The Trailer.

Like the release date, we still don’t have any concrete news on the trailer of the game as well. Nonetheless, according to a rumor, it might be coming out this year or within the first quarter of 2023. So, let’s stay tuned and see what happens.

3. The Location.

Like GTA: Vice City, this game is going to be located in Rockstar Games’ version of Miami – the energetic and affluent Vice City. And, fortunately, the world is going to be much bigger and more open than the previous one. Sounds pretty exciting, no?

4. The Protagonists.

Unlike any other game in the Grand Theft Auto series, the GTA V came out with three decent and well-written protagonists. So, are we going to see the same thing this year as well? Truth be told, that scenario seems pretty unlikely as per the rumors hanging out there.

5. Female Protagonist?

According to a report published by Bloomberg, GTA VI is going to feature a female primary character. And, it’s going to be a Latina woman who supposedly has been going through a lot of hardships. It’s a pretty interesting take and might direct the story in a different direction.

6. The Graphics.

Like any other game of the GTA series, GTA VI is going to be made on the RAGE (Rockstar Advanced Game Engine) too. Hence, you can expect the game to be highly optimized as well as well-built too. The graphics are going to be some sort of next-gen in the sense too.

7. Will There Be A DLC?

Unlike most other gaming companies, Rockstar Games don’t believe too much in any kind of additional content for their game. Hence, we don’t think there will be any DLC for this one as well. However, there’s also a huge chance that Rockstar might surprise us. So, let’s wait.

8. Where Will It Be Released?

Like every time else, Rockstar will release their brand new addition to the coveted GTA series in both PS and Xbox. And, you will also be able to purchase the same for your PC. However, instead of Steam, the game might be primarily available on Rockstar’s new platform.

And, once it gets released, you’ll also be able to download it from the pirate bay for free. Just be sure to use a VPN while operating on the platform, and you’ll be fine.

9. Is There Anything Else?

Another rumor has recently suggested that the brand new GTA VI will primarily focus on the interactiveness of the world. Thus, the game might be a little smaller than that of GTA V. But, the world will feel much more viable and livelier than before. 

The Bottom Line

It’s been around a decade since we got our hands on the GTA V series. Hence, naturally, a lot of people are waiting for a brand new game in the franchise for quite a while].

However, here’s the thing.

Recently, especially since 2017, the online version of GTA V has gotten quite popular. Thus, it might have made Rockstar delay their new game a little to test out different features on the online mode. After all, it’s going to be available in the later parts of the series too.

So, in a way, it does make sense.

Nevertheless, as Rockstar has confirmed that they’ll definitely be releasing a new chapter in their well-appreciated series – now that’s what we’ll be waiting for.

Hopefully, it’s going to be a banger.

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