It’s a casino party!

You want to have a party but remember the planning it takes to organize this celebration: the outfit choice, the guestlist, the playlist, and on it goes… What if there was an option to ditch all of the work that goes behind party planning, yet still be able to have a good time? With casino online at Paddy Power Games, there are multiple options for a different approach to partying for times when you’re in the mood to stay in. In particular, the Wheel of Fortune type casino game, Fashion TV Mega Party Live, brings the party straight to your doorstep.

How to play

Experience the live party settings, as you watch the host or hostess spin the wheel, to reveal the fortune that awaits you! Sit in awe, as you watch the colourful wheel move at random, with up to eight ways of prize winning. Set your personal limits to play, and choose where you think the wheel will land – it’s truly as easy as that. No stressful party planning around here!

Party starters

To ramp up the party there are four different features to create the perfect party atmosphere:

The ‘lucky DJ’ sets the three turntables to spin, playing different songs for each one. The party atmosphere begins, without you having to put together a playlist that everyone will enjoy. Sit back and pick your favourite song from the turntables, and when your chosen one stops spinning it will land on a random multiplier to add to your prizes.

Get your dancing shoes on to prepare for the ‘dance floor’ attraction. There are no worries about having little room to dance and potentially bumping into someone (oops). Simply pick a diamond tile from the dance floor, which will turn over to result in a multiplier that has the potential for up to 120x your stake – and bust a move while you’re at it!

Shine under the glitterball lights with the ‘laser show’ feature – follow the sparkling lights to reveal a random multiplier. On this bright journey, there will be possibilities to double your multiplier or add the result of two multipliers, leaving no need to pop down the shop to buy a ridiculously fancy glitterball!

The last thing to really get the party going is the ‘mega party’ attraction. The party will then truly begin, as this feature gives you the opportunity to reach up to 1000x your stake!

It’s time to join the party

With the combination of all four features, you could be in for quite the party, and you don’t even have to dress up for it. All that’s left to do is join online as a form of RSVP, and socialise with other partygoers using the live chat. Get to know people, whilst letting the host or hostess set up the party. Remember, no hosting for you – attend the party and enjoy being a guest! Save the party planning for another day. Oh, and most importantly, there will be no tedious tidying to do in the morning. Are you ready to get the party started?

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