‘Kaleidoscope’s Paz Vega: Why Ava’s Fate Was The ‘Perfect Ending’ For Her (Exclusive)


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Kaleidoscope kicked off the new year with a heist thriller and a twist. You could watch the entire series in whatever order you wanted save for the final episode. The finale was a culmination of everything that had been building up all season long, and not everyone made it out alive. Ava Mercer is killed by one of Bob’s henchmen in the episode “Pink.” HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Paz Vega about her reaction to Ava’s death.

Paz Vega
Paz Vega as Ava Mercer. (Netflix)

“The thing is, when I read all the story, I was so disappointed,” Paz said. “I said, I’m not agreeing. I’m not agreeing with that ending because she doesn’t deserve that. That is what I felt from the beginning. But I was talking with Eric [Garcia] many times about that issue. I said, I’m not okay with that. And then why, why, why. As soon as I shot that scene, I really understood that it was the perfect ending for Ava. I don’t want to say that it’s sad in a way, but it was very beautiful. It’s like a circle that you have to close. It was perfect. The way that we shot and that moment with Giancarlo [Esposito], that final moment together, it was so beautiful and so meaningful. I said, ‘Yes, you’re right. That is the end we deserve.’ But in the beginning, I was a little like, ‘We need to change it.’ But honestly, it was the best ending for this character.”

Ava spent her final moments in the arms of Leo. Paz opened up about the deep connection between the characters. “It’s a very unique and very beautiful relationship because it’s based in their friendship and also in their loyalty and the necessity in that they need each other to keep going in life,” she said. “In Ava’s life, she lost all her family, all the parents, the family. She had a horrible background, and she grew up almost alone in this world. It’s the same for Leo. Leo is the same. He lost his family. They are both alone in this world and they meet each other and keep going. It’s a very strong relationship. They are more than lovers. They’re not only lovers, it’s more deep.”

Before they would have scenes together, Paz and Giancarlo would talk about the scene and the “little details.” She noted that they built “this beautiful relationship and, I think you can feel that in there. It was very emotional for me when you see those moments they are really close. They say so many things without nothing. It’s so beautiful. I was very lucky to work with such an amazing and talented actor as Giancarlo. I really, really enjoyed every moment with him.”

Paz Vega
Paz Vega and Giancarlo Esposito in ‘Kaleidoscope.’ (Netflix)

Paz was part of an incredible ensemble cast, which also includes Jai Courtney, Peter Mark Kendall, and more. The Spanish actress called her Kaleidoscope experience a “great adventure.” She added, “We felt from the very beginning that we were doing something different and special. We felt very special in a way. They chose us to be in this great experiment. We really created a family, a team, a crew. We really created that from the very, very beginning. I feel very lucky and honored to be part of this crew.”

With Kaleidoscope’s “choose your own adventure” approach, the show opens creative doors in the future. “It’s a good start point. I read that it’s not really the first show to do something like this, but I think the way that the fact that you do a story like this, which is something very meticulous in terms of timing and details, and the fact that you can do it in this way, it’s a challenge. Why not? We can see now another story, maybe a love story,” Paz said. All episodes of Kaleidoscope are streaming on Netflix.


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