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4 Easter Eggs & References In Luther: The Fallen Sun


Netflix’s Luther: The Fallen Sun is a fitting follow-up to the original BBC series of the same name, and the movie’s references and Easter eggs make it even better. Luther: The Fallen Sun follows the events of the original Luther series, seeing the titular character John Luther imprisoned for his misconduct throughout the TV show. However, after Luther is contacted by a serial killer from his past that he failed to catch named David Robey (chillingly brought to life by Andy Serkis), Luther breaks out of prison to finish the job, this time using any means necessary to bring Robey to justice.

The Netflix movie Luther: The Fallen Sun is designed to be enjoyed by a much broader audience than just fans of the original BBC TV show, with the movie follow-up being equally accessible to Luther fans and newcomers alike. However, the production’s mission doesn’t stop Luther: The Fallen Sun from including some fun references and Easter eggs to the Luther TV series for longtime fans to pick up on. Here’s every Luther Easter egg and reference in Netflix’s Luther: The Fallen Sun, including where they can be found in the Netflix movie.

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4 Luther’s Fallen Sun Arrest Name-Drops Original Series’ Season 5 Villains

the lakes-luther

At the beginning of Luther: The Fallen Sun, the Netflix movie plays a news clip reporting on John Luther’s (played by Idris Elba) arrest, which sets up Luther’s imprisonment in the movie. In addition to a brief description of who Luther is and the circumstances of the detective’s arrest, the Netflix movie’s news clip also mentions some of the criminals that Luther had apprehended prior to his arrest. To a viewer unfamiliar with the original BBC series Luther, these names could have been arbitrary, but they are actually an Easter egg to Luther season 5.

In Luther season 5, Luther went to great lengths to catch serial killers Jeremy and Vivian Lake. The Lakes are two particularly dangerous criminals, even going after more personal targets as Luther gets closer to getting them, which is part of what makes the Lakes equally threatening and memorable. Including an Easter egg to Jeremy and Vivian Lake in the beginning of Luther: The Fallen Sun is not only a nice nod to fans of the original series, but also creates a clear continuity from where Idris Elba’s character ended up at the end of season 5 to where Luther is now in the Netflix movie.

3 Luther’s Car Is The Same One From The Luther TV Show


Throughout the original Luther series, John Luther has several qualities that are quintessential to the detective. One of Luther’s iconic identifiers in the original series is his car, a beat-up 30-year-old Volvo, which Luther has an affection for despite its rough state. Given Luther’s attachment to the Volvo, it is only fitting that Luther’s beloved vehicle reappears in Netflix’s Luther: The Fallen Sun as well.

Right after Luther escapes from prison in the Netflix movie, he goes to a garage that is revealed to house the car. He and Dennis get in some playful ribbing about the car’s state, making its inclusion in the movie fit right in. After Idris Elba’s iconic detective is reunited with the Volvo, Luther can be seen driving the beat-up car throughout the Netflix movie. The inclusion of Luther’s Volvo signals for the first time in the movie that DCI John Luther has returned and is back in action, both as sharp and unique as he has ever been.

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2 Luther’s Prison Cell Includes A David Bowie Easter Egg


Although John Luther is generally focused on his job and solving whatever case he is assigned to, he does have some lighter aspects of his personality as well. Outside of his affection for his car, one of Luther’s more lighthearted interests includes his love of rock star David Bowie. Luther can be seen listening to and referencing David Bowie’s music throughout the BBC TV series, and the rock musician’s imaginative songs are a source of comfort and inspiration for Luther compared to his work. With this in mind, it makes sense for Luther’s Bowie obsession to come back in Luther: The Fallen Sun, after Luther has been through dark times.

David Bowie appears a few times in the Netflix movie, with a brief mention first occurring when Luther is reunited with his car after escaping prison. However, the most prominent David Bowie Easter egg comes when Schenk is investigating Luther’s prison cell for clues of the detective’s whereabouts after word gets out that he’s escaped incarceration. While flipping through one of Luther’s books, Schenk finds a photo of David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust. The Bowie Easter egg is not only a nice nod to Luther’s love of the artist in Luther, but a sign that Bowie’s music continued to comfort and humanize the detective while he was in prison.

1 Luther: The Fallen Sun Includes A Version Of The Original Show Theme Song


There are many aspects of the original Luther series that make the BBC TV show so iconic, with one of them being its theme song. A show’s theme song is integral to the show, as it sets the tone for the story that follows, and Luther’s theme, “Paradise Circus” by Massive Attack accomplishes this task spectacularly. With a sinister aesthetic and lyrics about the allure of sin as well as sinful love, Massive Attack’s “Paradise Circus” perfectly captures the personal struggles that John Luther goes through in the original series, as well as his complicated (and at times, dangerous) relationship with psychopath Alice Morgan (played by Ruth Wilson).

Because of how well it encapsulates Luther, it’s fitting that “Paradise Circus” appears in the Netflix movie too. Luther: The Fallen Sun primarily relies on its original score to punctuate the movie’s biggest moments, with sparing uses of any popular songs. Because of this, it’s that much more effective when “Paradise Circus” appears in the Luther follow-up. At the end of Luther: The Fallen Sun, a reimagined yet instantly recognizable version of “Paradise Circus” by POST featuring Ghostpoet can be heard. As the music begins, Luther smiles to himself, as though “Paradise Circus” signals that after the events of Luther: The Fallen Sun, John Luther is back in action again.

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