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How (& Where) To Farm Kalpalata Lotus In Genshin Impact


Following the best Kalpalata Lotus farming route in Genshin Impact is the ideal way of optimizing your resource-gathering process, as it can save your time and keep things more organized so that you know exactly where you have already gone through and what your next farming destination should be. Kalpalata Lotus is a Local Speciality that is exclusive to the region of Sumeru. These blue-colored flowers with a yellow core can be found spread out across several areas of the jungle portion of the land of Wisdom, but not in the desert, which is also known as Great Red Sand.

The Kalpalata Lotus is only really used in the Ascension process for two characters that are currently available in the game. Both Dori and Nahida in Genshin Impact need this Local Specialty to unlock the thresholds that prevent them from leveling, also known as Ascension. In total, each character needs 168 Kalpalata Lotus to unlock all six Ascension levels, but that can be problematic, considering that, in comparison, there are very few Kalpalata Lotus nodes to farm. This means that you will be required to go through the same farming route a few times to muster up all the materials.


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All Kalpalata Lotus Locations In Genshin Impact

There Are 66 Nodes To Claim Every 48 Hours

In total, there are only 66 Kalpalata Lotus nodes present in the world of Teyvat, according to the official Genshin Impact map on HoYoLAB. The problem is that Local Specialties are not only limited, but they respawn every 48 hours, which can make quickly farming them troublesome.

All Kalpalata Lotus nodes can be seen in the image gallery above. The item clusters are in the exact order in which they are described in the article below.

Nevertheless, to ensure you optimize your gains, you should follow the proper Kalpalata Lotus farming route and gather all that is available with every run. These items are found hanging off cliff walls and near waterfalls, so you will have to do some extra exploration in Genshin Impact to get to higher ground.

The first bundle of nodes is located in the far north of Sumeru, in a region called Mawtiyima Forest. A single Kalpalata Lotus can be found on a cliffside in the eastern area, while six others are located on the right side of the valley. Most of these are hanging from the canyon’s walls, so you may want to find high ground to get to them.

There are some Four-Leaf Sigils and Stamina Flowers nearby, which can help you get to the Kalpalata Lotus’ locations without plunging and having your active character killed from any eventual fall damage in Genshin Impact.

The second important cluster of Kalpalata Lotus in Sumeru is located to the east of Gandharva Ville. On the cliff walls that surround the nearby waterfall, you can find a total of six nodes of this Local Specialty, all of which are fairly easy to obtain. If you are struggling to reach them from Gandharva Ville, you should follow the road that is slightly north toward the east and then proceed south toward the waterfall.

Alternatively, you can use Four-Leaf Sigils to get to higher ground. Of course, you can also teleport to the nearby Statue of the Seven in Genshin Impact and simply glide down to where this cluster of Kalapalata Lotus is located.

For further reference, this is near the first Statue of the Seven that you clear once you initially arrive in the region of Sumeru.

The next cluster you want to head to is to the east of Sumeru City. These seven Kalpalata Lotus are located across the river confluence near the city and can be farmed from the cliff walls that surround a small waterfall. This is one of the larger clusters you will want to farm.

It is important to note, however, that this area has a few enemies that will become hostile as soon as you approach. As such, it is recommended that you first dispose of these long-distance Hilichurls in Genshin Impact to avoid any unnecessary damage income or grievances while climbing walls to get the Kalpalata Lotus.

More Kalpalata Lotus Nodes In Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact's Nahida makes a square with her fingers, as if she were photographing something in her imagination.

Following the same river you just farmed from toward the west, you will stumble across the next cluster of Kalpalata Lotus. These items are found to the west of the Fane of Ashvattha and are on the southern side of the river. There are only three nodes to claim and they are fairly easy to get to.

The next area to head to is the elongated lake to the north of the Fane of Ashvattha. Here, you will find five Kalpalata Lotus. Two of them are located on the western cliff wall, while the other three are on the eastern side.

Once you have farmed these Kalpalata Lotus in Genshin Impact, continue moving east and climb up the mountain. On the cliffside, you will find one single and lonely Kalpalata Lotus. There are no good teleport waypoints around it, which is why you should go from the previous farming route.

The next cluster of Kalpalata Lotus is located outside the western exit of Vanarana, the Aranara Village. There are no decent teleport waypoints around them, so the best thing to do is to teleport to the Statue of the Seven in Varanara and then move west toward the exit.

These items can be obtained regardless if you have completed the Aranara questline in
Genshin Impact
or not. You may have trouble reaching them, however, if you have not at least unlocked the nearby Statue of the Seven.


What Region Is After Natlan In Genshin Impact?

The Traveler and Paimon’s next region in Teyvat after Natlan is the frozen Snezhnaya, where they will confront the Tsaritsa and the Fatui.

There is a cluster of six Kalpalata Lotus that can be found in Yasna Monument. For reference, this location is to the west of Pardis Dhyai and is fairly close to where the jungle becomes desert. There is, however, a small body of water nearby.

South from there is one of the largest clusters of Kalpalata Lotus, with eight nodes to claim at once. The blue flowers are all hanging from the northern portion of the cliff wall on a circular mountain that is located northeast of Caravan Ribat and northwest of Apam Woods.

Within Apam Woods itself, you can find seven Kalpalata Lotus. Here, these items are scattered across tree tops and are fairly high up, which will require you to use Four-Leaf Sigils and other exploration puzzle mechanics in Genshin Impact to move around. The best place to start is likely from the waypoint on the eastern portion of Apam Woods.

Once you have obtained them, you will want to teleport to the waypoint southwest of Vimara Village and move southeast. This cluster of Kalpalata Lotus contains eight units and they are all scattered across the western cliffside next to the river. They are directly south of Vimara Village itself, so it should be fairly easy to locate, though climbing up and down the walls can be a time-consuming process.

The final cluster of items can be located in the southwesternmost portion of Sumeru, south of Devantaka Mountain and beyond the giant and run-down Ruin Guard. There is a waypoint nearby, which should make reaching the Kalpalata Lotus nodes a whole lot easier.

By following this farming route, you should have gathered all 66 Kalpalata Lotus nodes. You may have to repeat the process every two days if you intend on fully Ascending Dori or Nahida. While they do not offer too many, you can buy extra Kalpalata Lotus in Genshin Impact from a vendor, but it may just be enough to top up what you need.

Source: HoYoLAB

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