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5 Ways Michael Myers Can Return After Halloween Ends


Halloween Ends finally killed off Michael Myers, meaning that the next Halloween movie has to figure out a way to bring him back. Although Halloween Ends claims to be the last film in the franchise, plenty of other Halloween movies have made this assertion, yet the beloved slasher movie series always seems to continue on. Whether the next film be directly connected to the Halloween reboot trilogy or not, here are the five most obvious ways that Michael Myers can be brought back after the events of Halloween Ends.

Despite it being the thirteenth film in the Halloween franchise, Halloween Ends is only the fourth film in the modern continuity. 2018’s Halloween retconned the rest of the sequels out of the timeline, with the reboot trilogy only considering the original 1978 Halloween canon. Due to this Halloween timeline confusion, it isn’t known exactly what elements are or aren’t part of the reboot trilogy’s continuity. However, there are still plenty of old and new elements that can be used to bring back Michael Myers for whatever movie the Halloween franchise has in store next.

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5 The Cult Of Thorn Could Resurrect Michael Myers


Although Michael Myers has managed to survive some injuries that undoubtedly would kill most humans, Michael’s death in Halloween Ends is pretty definitive. Not only does Laurie Strode meticulously cut up Michael Myers at the end of Halloween Ends, but she then throws his body in a junkyard shredder where he was mangled beyond recognition. It will be impossible for the next Halloween movie to simply say that he survived the injuries, meaning that he will need something supernatural to resurrect him. Luckily, Halloween‘s Cult of Thorn could be the perfect solution to Michael Myers’ death problem.

First introduced in Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers, the Cult of Thorn is an ancient organization with ties to a supernatural demonic entity. When active, The Cult of Thorn sacrificed children to the demon, with the kids gaining magical powers and being forced to go on murderous rampages on Halloween. The film reveals that Michael was one of these child sacrifices, with the cult being obsessed with the slasher villain. Due to the Cult of Thorn’s connection to the supernatural, it’s entirely possible that they could magically resurrect Michael, bringing him back for the next Halloween movie.

Another route that the Cult of Thorn story may take could be more scientific. Halloween 5‘s Man in Black (later revealed to be the leader of the Cult of Thorn) was obsessed with cloning Michael Myers, with Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers even implying that Jamie’s son is the product of an in vitro fertilization cloning experiment. The cloning storyline may be a better way for the Cult of Thorn to bring Michael back, as the point of the Halloween reboot was to get rid of all the supernatural elements. However, either Cult of Thorn storyline works as an already established way to resurrect Michael for the next film.

4 Silver Shamrock Could Make A New Michael Myers

A Silver Shamrock mask claims a young victim

Another in-universe explanation for the return of Michael Myers could be the Silver Shamrock corporation. Introduced in Halloween III: Season of the Witch, Silver Shamrock is an evil novelty company that manufactures and sells Halloween masks. The masks are imbued with magic and technology that has the ability to kill the children once activated. It has long been theorized that Michael Myers’ mask is a Silver Shamrock product, explaining why Michael only wants to kill while wearing it. After Halloween Ends, bringing Michael back is a great way to confirm this theory.

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All Silver Shamrock would have to do in a future Halloween movie would be to create another one of the masks Michael Myers wears and give it to a new kid. If the mask is what created Michael, then giving a new kid the same mask would essentially make him the same person. This is both a great way to bring back Michael Myers and to expand on the Silver Shamrock storyline, which Halloween Ends teased. Michael Myers has been in enough movies, and making him just another goon of the Silver Shamrock corporation would be an interesting new spin on the series.

3 Someone Else Could Take Up The Michael Myers Mantle

Corey Cunningham grinning menacingly in Halloween Ends

Another interesting way to have Michael Myers return would be to have someone else take up his mantle. Although they technically wouldn’t be the same character, they would be the same in spirit, continuing the iconic slasher’s legacy. After all, Michael was a mostly silent antagonist, so it’s not like Michael’s successor would have to be drastically different. Creating an all-new killer would breathe new life into the Halloween franchise, and it seems to be the direction that the series is going.

Halloween Ends introduces Corey Cunningham, a seemingly normal young adult who quickly becomes Michael Myers’ sidekick. Corey becomes just as violent as Michael, with the film implying that some sort of supernatural darkness transferred from Michael into Corey. Although Corey dies in Halloween Ends, a spin-off based on a killer that was mentored by Michael is an incredibly intriguing idea. Having another killer take up the Michael Myers mantle would be the perfect way to continue the Halloween franchise while still allowing future movies to find their own voice and identity.

2 The Next Halloween Could Be A Michael Myers Prequel


A way to bring Michael Myers back without resurrecting him would be to make the next Halloween movie a prequel. Halloween Kills‘ flashback scene proved that there are Michael Myers moments that weren’t shown before, meaning that a prequel could add in additional murders that haven’t been seen before. A Halloween prequel could simply follow a previously unseen Michael Myers killing spree that takes place anywhere in the timeline. More interestingly, the film could explore the psyche of Michael, going deeper into the ideas of Rob Zombie’s Halloween movies.

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1 The Next Halloween Could Be A Complete Reboot


The final (and easiest) option for how the next Halloween could bring Michael Myers back would be to do a complete reboot. Although Michael dies in Halloween Ends, future sequels could simply ignore the reboot trilogy. After all, 2018’s Halloween established a precedent of retconning old movies out of existence, so a future sequel could simply do that again. Michael Myers’ Halloween Ends death may seem permanent now, but he probably won’t stay dead long, as nothing can stop the Halloween money train.

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