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Another Major Comedy Show Leaving Netflix, Moving To Hulu & Peacock


New Girl will soon leave Netflix once the streaming service’s current rights agreement expires. Created by Elizabeth Meriwether, New Girl followed the life of Zooey Deschanel’s Jessica Day, a young teacher navigating the trials and tribulations of life as she lives in a Los Angeles loft with her roommates Nick Miller (Jake Johnston), Winston Schmidt (Max Greenfield), and Winston Bishop (Lamorne Morris). New Girl ran for seven seasons from 2011 to 2018, during which it was both praised by critics and audiences.

As revealed by Variety, New Girl is set to leave Netflix after being one of the services’ most streamed acquired series for 10 years on April 17. It’s the latest popular comedy series to leave the streaming service, following The Office, Parks and Recreation, and more recently Arrested Development. Once New Girl leaves Netflix, the entirety of the sitcom will find its new streaming home on two other services, as Disney and NBCUniversal agree to host the series on both Hulu and Peacock as part of a shared agreement between the companies.

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How New Girl’s Departure Is Part Of A Larger Problem For Netflix

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Despite once being one of the most impactful services within the streaming landscape, Netflix has found itself struggling in recent years. While the brand saw impressive growth due to it being one of the pioneers of the then-new streaming format, during which it sought out agreements to host content from studios including Disney, Warner Bros., and Universal, newer streaming competitors including Disney+, Prime Video, and Paramount+ have challenged its dominance over the market. With studios and conglomerates establishing their own services, they have often chosen to allow the streaming agreements including New Girl‘s to expire, rather than renew any prior deals.

While Netflix has made attempts to accommodate for losing such beloved series as New Girl by developing their own titles and continuations of beloved properties, such as That 90’s Show, the service has faced a number of controversies that have damaged its reputation amongst viewers. Alongside negative responses to Netflix’s changing password-sharing policies, the service has also gathered a reputation for preemptively canceling series before they had the chance to develop an audience. As such, many subscribers are reluctant to continue supporting and becoming invested in new shows when they air, leading to low viewership.

With New Girl set to depart Netflix in April, many dedicated fans are sure to be disappointed to lose access to the series through the service. While the series enjoyed incredible popularity during its original run, many viewers will have first discovered it during its time on the service, allowing it to grow its fanbase. However, though the series may be leaving Netflix, New Girl‘s new streaming homes on Hulu and Peacock will ensure that audiences can continue to enjoy the beloved sitcom for the foreseeable future.

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