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GTA Online: How to Change Your Spawn Point


GTA Online allows players to change their spawn point. Players can set their spawn point to a preferred business or their vehicle warehouse.

Players in GTA Online can change the Spawn location of their character in an online session if they don’t want to spawn at a random spot. For example, many players who like to spawn near their preferred business or their homes can adjust this setting so that they don’t have to drive to their preferred location from a random location each time.

The default settings of GTA Online usually spawn players in the same location where they left off in a previous session. This can be annoying to some players who don’t particularly remember where they left their character in GTA Online’s massive map. Players can switch their swap point to their penthouse to save time the next time they log on to the game.


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How To Change The Spawn Location in GTA Online

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Changing the Spawn Point is fairly easy to do in GTA Online. However, since there are many menu options, sometimes it can be hard to determine which setting to change from the player’s smartphone. To change the spawn location, players can follow the below steps:

  • Step 1: Open The Interaction Menu
  • Step 2: Scroll Down to “Spawn Location”
  • Step 3: Select Preferred Landmark From The List
  • Step 4: Log Out and start a new session to test the new spawn location

Players who spend much time completing missions near GTA Online’s Nightclub or a Safehouse should consider setting their spawn point to the nearest landmark. Changing the spawn location saves a lot of travel time and keeps players safe from other players in the session. After switching this setting, players will now spawn inside their preferred location instead of on a random street in GTA Online’s open world.

If, for some reason, the above method doesn’t work, players can also change the spawn locations from the game’s general settings. First, players need to go to the Main Menu and switch to the Online tab. Then, scroll to find Options and change the Spawn Location setting to a preferred location. Once this setting has been changed, GTA Online players are recommended to restart the game to see if the change has come into effect.

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