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How To Get Support S-Rank In Fire Emblem Engage

Support is one of the key ways to improve a Unit’s Performance in battle in Fire Emblem Engage, but only one Unit can reach the coveted S-Rank.

Getting a Support relationship to S-Rank in Fire Emblem Engage is crucial for players to improve their performance. Support is a mechanical representation of the relationship between Alear, the player character, and the companions. Units get a stat bonus based on their Support. Those with higher Support have parts of their story unlocked and have higher bonuses, and perform better in battle.

S-Rank Support has long been the franchise’s way of implementing romance options in its game, as only S-Rank characters could be romanced. However, Engage mixes this formula up a bit compared to previous Fire Emblem titles, with Romancing a character giving them S-Rank Support. So everyone else will need weapon upgrades and gear in Fire Emblem Engage to keep up with Alear and their partner. Romancing a character is relatively easy, as Alear just needs to give the Pact Ring -obtained in the side mission Paralogue: The Connector- to an ally with A-Rank Support. The real challenge is getting to A-Rank Support.


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How To Raise Support To S-Rank In Fire Emblem Engage

Support System with Ivy and Alear in Fire Emblem Engage

Support can be raised during a Chapter’s battle phase or during downtime in Somniel. In battle, units that initiate a fight while adjacent to an ally will increase the Support for them and their adjacent allies. On top of this, units who Assist each other, such as healing someone or using the Reposition move, increase their Support and the Support of their target. The Inherited Skills in Fire Emblem Engage are excellent for this purpose. A good strategy for a player also involves positioning their Units so that they are all adjacent to each other in a big square and using archers to attack from within for maximum Support increase.

Raising Support outside of battle is just as easy. The player won’t need to juggle tactical concerns and can focus on character relationships. The most important one is to keep initiating conversations with everyone in every Chapter. The Support increase is minor, but it builds up. In addition, players can give gifts, train at the Arena, and dine at the Café. Gifts can be found randomly on the ground or bought from the Item Shop once it opens (be sure to buy any of Fire Emblem Engage’s Master Seals while there). Unfortunately, the Arena and Café are a little more unreliable, as the Arena opponent is randomly chosen, and the Café depends on who is on cooking duty.

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    Intelligent System’s strategy RPG franchise returns with Fire Emblem Engage for the Nintendo Switch. Fire Emblem Engage takes place in a unique timeline that intersects several heroes cross the Fire Emblem universe. In this title, four kingdoms fought side by side to seal the Fell Dragon – but after a thousand years, the seal on the great dragon has weakened, threatening to upend the world once again. Players will take on the role of a male or female protagonist that they choose to defend the continent of Elyos. Players will also collect Emblem Rings to summon legendary heroes from other time periods such as Marth, Roy, and Celica to perform unique special attacks and merge themselves to enhance their own strength. Returning to a more classic style of Fire Emblem, Engage focuses more on 1v1 grid-based strategy combat similar to games like Fire Emblem Awakening. The game will release on January 20 2023.

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