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Jason Momoa Gets A New DC Universe Role In Striking Fan Art


The DC Universe rumors surrounding Jason Momoa possibly changing roles from Aquaman to Lobo have gained the help of a striking piece of fan art, which imagines the star as the DC Comics bounty hunter. The rumors of the possible role change for Momoa have picked up the pace since Henry Cavill was announced to be leaving as Superman, following new DC Studios co-CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran assuming control of DC’s future. Momoa himself is a big Lobo fan, and has displayed interest in playing the character.

Artist 21XFOUR added fuel to the Momoa as Lobo rumors with a pitch perfect rendition of the actor as the DC Comics anti-hero.

The Flash movie will reset the DC Universe later this year, and the film’s effects allow for the unique opportunity that in Gunn and Safran’s new DC Universe, Momoa returns not as Aquaman, but Lobo. While there is not any indication of the role change beyond rumors, and some teases by Momoa, what is known is that the actor will have to choose either Aquaman or Lobo, as Gunn disclosed that Momoa will only play one character in the new DC Universe.

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Is Jason Momoa’s DC Future Better As Aquaman Or Lobo?

Aquaman Jason Momoa's Rumored NEW DC Character Lobo

Momoa is one of the most charismatic actors working in Hollywood at the moment, and he also possesses a great physicality that makes him the perfect match for a superhero movie role. The Superman villain Lobo’s origin and powers in the comics explain exactly why Momoa is a fan of the character and has interest in bringing him to life. The Main Man, as Lobo’s known, is the sole Czarnian alive — after he murdered his entire world’s population for fun — and is known for being a nearly indestructible, arrogant being who loves violence and cheap booze.

Some lines can be drawn between the comic book Lobo and Momoa’s Aquaman from the old DCEU. That is mostly due to DC’s live-action Aquaman having been tailored to suit Momoa’s acting skills, with the character’s snarky attitude and disgruntled look revoking more Lobo than the classic comic book Aquaman. Momoa as Lobo would be better than Aquaman for the new DC Universe, as it would allow the actor to play a character he loves, and is a perfect match for, while at the same time opening up the door for a more comic-accurate Aquaman to rise with a new actor.

As the new DC Universe is going to be more closely tied to the comic books than DC has ever been before, which has been confirmed by Gunn and can be seen by the fact that prolific DC Comics writer Tom King is one of the handful of writers in charge of charting the overall story of the new DC Universe alongside Gunn. Momoa and other actors’ DCU returns make Cavill’s Superman exit confusing, so the Aquaman actor playing Lobo, a new character, would likely quell any doubts about how the new DC Universe operates.

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Source: 21XFOUR/Twitter

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