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Last Of Us Trailer Side-By-Side Video Proves Just How Faithful Show Is

The Last of Us trailer side-by-side video proves just how faithful the upcoming HBO adaptation is to the original PlayStation video game.

A recently shared The Last of Us trailer side-by-side video proves just how faithful the show is to the original video game. The new horror drama television series from HBO is an adaptation of an award-winning 2013 PlayStation 3 game. Centered on Joel Miller (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie’s (Bella Ramsey), the adaptation follows the pair as they cross a zombie-infested United States to reach the Fireflies, a militant revolutionary group trying to restore the world to its former glory. Although Joel initially wants nothing to do with Ellie, seeing her as simple cargo to be delivered, he soon realizes her importance as she carries a rare immunity to the fungal infection plaguing the planet.


The Last of Us Brasil (@TheLastOfUsBR) recently shared a The Last of Us video that compares the original HBO trailer to one that was recreated within The Last of Us Part I, a PlayStation 5 remake of the original PlayStation 3 game. Although the recreated trailer cannot account for the new characters introduced in the series, the video accurately matches the look and feel of the trailer, showing just how faithful the show will be. Check out the trailer comparison video below:

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How The Last of Us Show Will Be Different From the Game?

The Last of Us' game Bloater compared to the show's Bloater

Throughout the production of HBO’s The Last of Us, series creators Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann repeatedly assured fans that the show will remain faithful to the original game and honor its characters. Set photos and videos have backed up their claims as the production showed how HBO has meticulously recreated the video game’s environments and character designs. Trailers for the series have also featured dialogue that was taken directly from the characters’ video game counterparts.

However, both Mazin and Druckmann also revealed that the show will feature several differences from the game. Mazin stated that there are mind-blowing additions written specifically for the show and Druckmann admitted that scenes cut from the original game were reinserted into the story for the adaptation. Their comments indicate that The Last of Us series will be the most complete version of the original story released.

Several major differences between the show and the game have already been noted by the show’s creators as well as eagle-eyed fans. Although brothers Henry (Lamar Johnson) and Sam (Keivonn Woodard) will make their return to the show, they will no longer be introduced in Pittsburgh, as they were in the original game. The setting of their chapter has been changed to Kansas City for the series. Also, Sam is now a deaf character, whereas he was hearing-abled in his original video game appearance. With The Last of Us premiering on HBO on January 15, audiences do not have to wait much longer to see how faithful the adaptation truly is.

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Source: The Last of Us Brasil

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