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Lockwood & Co. Ending Explained

TheLockwood & Co. season 1 ending leaves plenty of mysteries that aren’t solved before the credits roll on the finale. Based on the book of the same name, Lockwood & Co. might be hiding answers in its source material. However, as the TV show is making changes from the book series it’s hard to know what could happen in Netflix’s Lockwood & Co.

Lockwood & Co. is another successful supernatural, young adult series for Netflix, following in the footsteps of Stranger Things and Wednesday. Like these other shows, Lockwood & Co. season 1 revolves around murder, powerful relics, and the supernatural. So here’s a full explanation of what was and wasn’t revealed at the end of Lockwood & Co. season 1.


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Lockwood & Co.’s History Of The Problem Explained

Ghost and Lucy in Lockwood and Co

Lockwood & Co. throws its audience right into a ghost hunt in episode 1, “This Will Be Us,” explaining the show’s world with the opening sequence and context clues instead of boring exposition. The Problem, as characters call the appearance of ghosts, began about 50 years ago. A ghost’s touch kills, but ghosts can also force someone to become comatose, or “ghost locked,” with a kind of hypnosis.

Lucy Carlyle (Ruby Stokes, known for playing Francesca in Bridgerton seasons 1 and 2) is one of the select young people who can see and sense ghosts. Lucy is a “listener,” but ghost-related talents manifest in many different ways. Lucy is only the second person ever to hold a conversation with a Type Three ghost, the most dangerous and intelligent of the three kinds of spirit. Nobody knows why The Problem began or why young people have powers that adults don’t. The supernatural storyline allows Lockwood & Co. to examine childhood trauma, and specifically the trauma of child soldiers.

What Is Lockwood & Co.’s Bone Mirror (How Does It Work?)

lockwood & co. the bone glass mirror

Lucy, Anthony Lockwood (Cameron Chapman), and George Karim (Ali Hadji-Heshmati) discover the bone glass mirror in the grave of Dr. Edmund Bickerstaff. Bickerstaff made the mirror out of seven skeletons—the bodies of patients he experimented on—and it harnesses the torment of his victims to drive the people who look at it insane or kill them. This mirror is like a wicked version of Harry Potter‘s Mirror of Erised, entrancing those who catch a glimpse of it, although it’s not clear what they actually see. Mary Dulac, who killed Bickerstaff to escape the bone glass, calls it a “window and the skull that Lucy speaks to says it allows people to look at “the eternal.” This most likely refers to some form of afterlife, the revelation of which is too much to behold.

When the skull does look in the mirror for the first time he says, “This isn’t right! Something’s changed! They’re trapped!” Lucy interprets this to mean it’s not “the eternal” and George wonders if the spirits of Bickerstaff’s victims were “trapped,” but neither of these guesses is confirmed. With the skill’s clue about the nature of the mirror, it seems as though something is wrong with “the eternal” and likely indicates a larger threat in the future of Lockwood & Co.

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Why Joplin Wanted The Bone Mirror

Louise Brealey as Pamela Joplin in Lockwood & Co.

George catches a glimpse of the mirror and becomes obsessed with it, along with Pamela Joplin, portrayed by Sherlock actress Louise Brealey. Joplin is so entranced by the artifact that she’s willing to kill for it. She seems more bewitched than George, and it’s likely that she is more deeply affected because she’s an adult. Joplin theorizes that a young person is the key to seeing what’s in the mirror, so it could be true that young people are also more immune to its effects.

Joplin never says exactly why she wants the bone mirror or what she expects to see, and that actually explains her desire for the mirror in itself. George thinks that it could help explain The Problem’s origins and Joplin seems to agree, but her desire is not driven by reason. Joplin’s obsession with the mirror is driven by its mesmerizing magic, and she tosses all logic out the window when the mirror is near.

Who Is Lockwood & Co.’s The Golden Blade?

the golden blade in lockwood & co

Maybe the most mysterious of Lockwood & Co.‘s characters is the “Golden Blade” (Luke Treadaway). Although the swordsman tries multiple times to kill Lucy and Lockwood, he never reveals his name or motives in Lockwood & Co. season 1. The Golden Blade doesn’t work for the Fittes organization, but he does seem to work for Penelope Fittes (Morven Christie) herself.

The Golden Blade speaks to Penelope about “members” and she gives him a box with a harp symbol on it to “quell their complaining.” This reveals that he either works for a separate organization connected to Penelope or at least serves as a go-between for them. The harp symbol also appears on a strange set of ghost-seeing goggles worn by an adult, and the box appears to provide similar powers usually reserved for children. The harp symbol is most likely tied to this other organization, and the mysterious group is a larger unseen antagonist than the Fittes organization itself, with the Golden Blade serving as the most visible asset in Lockwood & Co. season 1.

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What Is Behind Lockwood’s Door?

Cameron Chapman As Anthony Lockwood in Lockwood & Co.

Perhaps the biggest mystery Lockwood & Co. season 2 will need to answer is that of what is behind Lockwood’s door. The team’s leader is about to finally reveal the contents of this secret room to Lucy and George when the finale ends. Judging by Lockwood’s cagey mentions of his late family, the room has to do with them, and if the show follows the books, it specifically belonged to his sister.

In the Lockwood & Co. books, Lockwood’s sister, Jessica, died when she accidentally freed a ghost while going through their late parents’ belongings, something Lockwood refused to help with. It’s possible the room is just a memorial to her and/or Lockwood’s parents. He would be especially sensitive about its contents if he could see their death glows in there. A bigger plot twist would be that their ghosts are still haunting the room, but this seems unlikely given Lockwood’s dismissal of ghosts’ feelings.

How Lockwood & Co.’s Ending Sets Up A Season 2

Anthony, Lucy, and George posing and looking at something in Lockwood and Co.

Given Netflix’s infamous cancelations, it’s possible there won’t be a Lockwood & Co. season 2, but if it does return, season 1 set up the Golden Blade and Penelope Fittes as enduring antagonists. Though the bone glass mirror was damaged and heading to the DEPRAC furnaces at the end of season 1, it may get a reprieve to answer questions about The Problem. Lucy’s not-so-friendly Type Three skull will also have to answer for what he saw in the mirror before being stunned into silence. And Lockwood & Co. season 2 will continue the themes of Lockwood, Lucy, and George dealing with the trauma they experienced before the series and during season 1, exemplified by Lockwood literally and emotionally opening the door to his past.

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