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MCU Director Gives Blunt Response To Eternals 2 Possibility


Eternals director Chloé Zhao provides an update on her involvement with a possible Eternals 2. Although Chloé Zhao’s Academy Award-winning directorial style is patent in 2021’s Eternals, the Phase 4 ensemble movie was received with mixed reactions, becoming the first MCU movie to earn a rotten score in Rotten Tomatoes. Eternals‘ poor reception doesn’t keep the main cast from returning, but the possibility of a direct sequel remains dubious.


In a Hollywood Reporter interview during Johnnie Walker’s red carpet event for the 16th Annual Women In Film Oscar Party, director Chloé Zhao was asked whether she would be interested in directing an MCU Eternals sequel, to which Zhao simply responded, “no comment.” Zhao didn’t elaborate on her response, but she did point out her motivation to direct a Marvel movie, saying “you just have to stay true to the kind of film you want to make and who you are and the people you’re collaborating with.” So, if Chloé Zhao doesn’t return, it’s clear that she’s at least satisfied with her work on Eternals.

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Can Eternals 2 Happen Without Chloé Zhao?

Sersi and the Eternals 2

Chloé Zhao’s ambiguous update on Eternals 2 suggests the director isn’t interested in returning to the MCU, but it can also be read as a refusal to confirm any information regarding an MCU project in development. Previous poorly received movies like Thor: The Dark World and Iron Man 2 have spawned sequels despite their mixed reception. Therefore, the possibility of Eternals 2 releasing during or after the Multiverse Saga isn’t off the table yet. However, it’s up to Chloé Zhao to decide whether she’ll direct this hypothetical Eternals sequel.

Even if Chloé Zhao chooses not to return to the MCU and Marvel Studios doesn’t greenlight Eternals 2, Eternals can have a spiritual sequel in the form of future appearances by the main cast. For instance, Harry Styles’ Eros could star in an MCU movie or show alongside Thena, Makkari, and Druig, while Kingo and Phastos can cameo in future Earth-based stories and Sersi can play a role in a cosmic event involving the Celestials — all without the need of a direct Eternals sequel. Eternals‘ mixed reception may lower the chances of a sequel, but it doesn’t take away what Chloé Zhao contributed to the MCU.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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