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Robin Proved He’s a Genius With 1 Futuristic Batmobile Upgrade



  • Damian Wayne upgrades the Batmobile to fly, impressing even Nightwing and proving his exceptional intelligence at just 10 years old.
  • Morrison and Quitely’s
    Batman Reborn
    showcases Damian’s innovative skills, surpassing even Batman in creating a futuristic flying Batmobile.
  • The design of the flying Batmobile, inspired by Alex Ross, adds a cool factor with a sleek, modern look and a red and black color scheme.

Robin Damian Wayne has proven that Tim Drake isn’t the only prodigy in the Bat-Family, upgrading the Batmobile in a way that even led Nightwing to confess it was something he would have “killed for” during his Robin days. What’s even more remarkable, though, is that Damian achieved what even Batman hadn’t been able to do at the time.

Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely’s renowned Batman Reborn volume sees Dick Grayson assuming the Batman mantle and Damian Wayne taking on the role of Robin. In the series’ inaugural issue, Damian’s exceptional intelligence shines through as he reveals his contribution to the Batmobile’s newfound capability of flight, a feat that even impresses Dick.

Flying Batmobile in Batman & Robin #1 Batman Reborn

This achievement is even more impressive, given the implication that Bruce had been working on this upgrade without success. Hence, Damian being able to do something not even Batman had managed speaks towards the boy’s unparalleled IQ.

Damian Wayne Gives the Batmobile a Flying Capability Upgrade

Batman Dick Grayson and Robin Damian Wayne in flying Batmobile from Batman & Robin Batman Reborn #1

Batman and Robin #1 starts with Dick and Damian in hot pursuit of Mister Toad and his cronies. As the villains speed down the freeway, the dynamic duo follow from above in the newly enhanced flying Batmobile. It’s during this chase that Damian remarks, “I told you it would work. All I had to do was adapt my father’s blueprints.” Dick acknowledges Damian’s achievement, apologizing for doubting him. This moment highlights Damian’s keen perception in identifying and correcting a flaw in Bruce’s schematics for the flying Batmobile, ultimately bringing the innovation to fruition.

Creating a flying Batmobile is impressive on its own, but Damian’s age of just ten years old makes this accomplishment even more remarkable. This high-tech Batmobile also earns additional praise for its cool factor, boasting a sleek, curvy, and compact design that gives it a distinctly futuristic appearance. This modern design stands in stark contrast to the chrome-piped, gas-guzzling, Techno-Deco Batmobiles of the past. Furthermore, the red and black color scheme adds to its futuristic vibe, reminiscent of the future Batman, Terry McGinnis, in Batman Beyond who also sports a similar color scheme.


Red Hood’s Forgotten Catchphrase Was So Corny Even Nightwing Hated It

Nightwing has said his fair share of corny things, but Red Hood’s catchphrase was so bad that even Dick Grayson couldn’t excuse its corniness.

Morrison and Quitely’s Flying Batmobile Was Inspired by an Alex Ross Sketch

Batman and Robin in flying Batmobile by Alex Ross

In the Batman Redrawn bonus content, found at the end of Batman & Robin Vol. 1: Batman Reborn, further insights into the Batmobile design are revealed. Morrison shares that their Batman Reborn Batmobile drew inspiration from an Alex Ross sketch created as a potential Batman cover in 2007, which ultimately went unpublished. This underscores how past designs, even those unrealized, can spark innovation. It’s truly remarkable what Morrison and Quitely accomplished with this inspiration, transforming it into a fresh interpretation of the Batmobile while also crafting a defining moment for Robin’s character.

Batman and Robin #1 is available now from DC Comics!


Batman & Robin Batman Reborn cover featuring Batmobile

  • Writer: Grant Morrison
  • Artists: Frank Quitely
  • Colorist: Alex Sinclair
  • Letterer: Pat Brosseau
  • Cover Artist: Frank Quitely & Alex Sinclair


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