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Shrinking’s Funniest Harrison Ford Scene Is Even Better Thanks To Star Wars


Harrison Ford’s hardened therapist Paul is given a hilarious scene in Apple TV+’s Shrinking, one that adds an extra layer of comedy thanks to some behind-the-scenes Star Wars knowledge. Harrison Ford is a prolific actor, to say the least. From Indiana Jones to Blade Runner, the actor is no stranger to playing a devil-may-care antihero. In addition to starring in yet another Indiana Jones movie, Ford is also heavily involved in Apple TV+’s Shrinking show, which follows a small practice of therapists as Jimmy (Jason Segel) takes to more complex forms of therapy, much to Paul’s chagrin.


Paul’s funnier moments in the controversial show Shrinking usually have to do with his age, such as his misunderstanding yet confidently using the phrase “raw-dogging.” Nonetheless, his character is more complex as he is dealing with the diagnosis of Parkinson’s, something he tries to keep from his adult daughter until he absolutely can’t anymore. Paul struggles with Jimmy’s bold methods of therapy, while, in the meantime, keeping a relationship with Jimmy’s daughter Alice. Paul’s own comedic stylings are usually found in his hard-headedness, but one hysterical scene from Shrinking episode 6, “Imposter Syndrome,” is made even better thanks to some revelations about the actor during his Star Wars days.

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Harrison Ford’s Real-Life Star Wars Story Makes Shrinking’s Paul Funnier

Han Solo with a blaster in Star Wars

It was revealed in Carrie Fisher’s The Princess Diarist memoir that Ford had a penchant for smoking marijuana of “brutal strength” during the filming of Star Wars, making the scene where Paul takes edibles and interrupts Brian’s surprise engagement party that much funnier. In the beginning of the episode, Liz gives Paul some weed gummies she got from her Pilates instructor, telling him that it should help with the tremors and anxiety from Parkinson’s. Paul reluctantly takes them home, but doesn’t actually ingest them until he gets a stressful text message from his daughter laying out her itinerary for assisting him in care the next day.

What results is Harrison Ford’s Paul showing up to Brian’s party incredibly high, requesting various food and drinks such as popsicles. Rumors about Ford’s avid marijuana usage in the 1970s have been flying around Hollywood for decades. Another tale from the early Star Wars era was that Ford would light up a joint on the way to set, coming up with more creative ways to smoke even if he ran out of rolling papers. This knowledge of Ford’s extracurricular activities improves the Paul Shrinking scene, in that it creates a humorous, personal connection between the actor and the character.

How Shrinking Uses Harrison Ford’s Acting History In Its Comedy

Harrison Ford as Paul pointing at couch in Shrinking

Harrison Ford’s career has crafted the image of a blunt, edging on callous, action/adventure hero, and his character Paul on Shrinking represents what would happen if Indiana Jones was never a thrilling-seeking archeologist and chose to settle down as a therapist instead. Shrinking makes good use of Harrison Ford‘s razor-sharp wit and deadpan delivery to add to its comedy. His sarcastic remarks, and uncertain relationships, yet secret soft side, are reminiscent of just about every character he played in his career heyday, just put in the setting of an aged therapist who is deeply knowledgeable but has a definite chip on his shoulder. Ford’s illustrious career, from Star Wars and beyond, certainly informs Paul’s character and adds an extra dose of comedy to the fledgling series.

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