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Sister Wives: What We Know About Robyn Brown’s Acting Career


Sister Wives viewers speculated about rumors that Robyn Brown used to act in television shows and movies. It’s time to discover the truth.

There were rumors that Sister Wives star Robyn Brown had an acting career before she settled down and became Kody Brown’s fourth wife. Many have used her “Sobbin Robyn” nickname for seasons, due to her tendency to cry during each episode. Some people believed that all these years, Robyn was just sharpening the tools in her acting belt, in the hopes of one day making it big.

While polygamy is often seen as a misogynistic lifestyle, many Sister Wives followers would argue that Robyn is really Kody’s master. As the last few seasons unfolded, when it came to making family decisions, Robyn was shown as the neck that turned Kody’s head. Since being forced to leave Utah, the Brown family has not been on the same page. Alpha male Kody is still making major life choices without consulting his wives. Only a few years ago, the family picked up and moved to Flagstaff, Arizona, and that decision was questioned.


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Sister Wives’ Robyn Was Rumored To Be An Actress

It was exciting to ponder the idea that Sister Wives’ Robyn may have had past experiences in front of the camera. The rumors spread when her IMDb page, which has now been updated, hosted information alleging that Robyn played a role in the 2000 CMT movie, Countdown. Her IMDb stated that she played a major role in the movie, listing her fourth on the cast list. This film credit led to more queries, as it was uncertain why Robyn’s career was never brought up on the show. Considering Robyn’s unpredictable behavior, it was difficult to believe that she would be able to keep this secret for so long.

Sister Wives’ Robyn’s Acting Career Was Debunked

robyn brown sister wives CROPPED looking upset close up

Robyn’s IMDb also stated that, in 1998, she appeared in the sitcom, Just Shoot Me. Readers may recall that the sitcom was very popular while it was airing, to the degree that it was even nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award. It became even more suspicious that Robyn’s involvement in such a huge show wouldn’t have been brought to light sooner. Finally, screenshots of the show were unearthed, and it became obvious that the Robyn Brown credited did not resemble Sister Wives’ Robyn. Therefore, the rumor was debunked, confirming what is known about Robyn now.

Robyn’s IMDb page has since been updated to reflect a more accurate version of her on-screen appearances. Although the rumors ended up not being accurate, there have been moments when Robyn has known exactly what to say and how to say it. Perhaps if the Sister Wives star ever did want to try her hand at acting, she might succeed.

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