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This Historical Movie Sequel Would Be Better For Ridley Scott Than Gladiator 2



  • Kingdom of Heaven 2 could have explored Crusades-era history, which would have made a compelling sequel.
  • The risk of tarnishing Gladiator’s legacy with a disappointing sequel makes Gladiator 2 a significant risk for Ridley Scott.

Another historical drama directed by Ridley Scott arguably deserves a sequel more than Gladiator. During his long career as a director, Ridley Scott has helmed several historical dramas. Even his most recent film, Napoleon, presented a heavily fictionalized account of the titular French emperor. However, even though the auteur has created many films in the genre, Gladiator remains one of his most iconic and beloved works.

Even though nearly two and a half decades have passed since its release, Ridley Scott’s Gladiator stands out as a cinematic masterpiece because of its scintillating portrayal of Maximus’ awe-inspiring underdog journey, ancient Roman politics, and epic gladiatorial battles. The movie’s lasting legacy establishes why it has been considered for a sequel after all these years. However, a closer look at Ridley Scott’s previous historical dramas makes it hard not to wonder why another film is not getting a follow-up instead of Gladiator.


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Kingdom Of Heaven 2 Would Be Better Than Gladiator 2

Kingdom Of Heaven 4

While Kingdom of Heaven and Gladiator are both historical dramas, the former would have been a better choice for a sequel because it fell short of unlocking its true potential when it premiered in 2005. Despite having a stellar cast that included Liam Neeson, Orlando Bloom, and Edward Norton, Kingdom of Heaven failed to be as narratively deep and impactful as Gladiator. The film presented a fictionalized portrayal of the Third Crusade, primarily revolving around Balian of Ibelin. However, despite having an abundance of material from real history, the film left most of it unexplored.

A sequel could redeem Kingdom of Heaven by delivering what it promised and delving deeper into the political turmoil during the Crusades era. Since the original film also ended on a slightly ambiguous note where it left audiences with an epilogue —”nearly a thousand years later, peace in the Kingdom of Heaven still remains elusive.” — the sequel could have had the perfect setup that could expand the groundwork set by the first film. Not to mention, the history of that era is often ignored in mainstream cinema, making Kingdom of Heaven 2 more timely, considering what is presently happening in the Middle East.

Why Gladiator 2 Is Such A Risk For Ridley Scott

Considering how Gladiator already has an established following, it is understandable why it was chosen for a sequel. From a box office standpoint, creating a Kingdom of Heaven might have been a risky endeavor because of the diminishing interest surrounding the film and its underwhelming initial critical ratings. However, Gladiator 2 is also a significant risk for Ridley Scott because if it is not on par with the original film (or better), it could taint the movie series’ legacy.

Gladiator was the second-highest-grossing film in 2000 and even won five Academy Awards, including Best Actor and Best Picture. If Gladiator 2 achieves anything less than the first film, it could jeopardize the original’s reputation. Hopefully, Gladiator 2 will not disappoint and fall short of expectations, like Ridley Scott’s Napoleon.

Gladiator 2

is scheduled to be released on 22 November 2024.

Gladiator 2 Temp Movie Logo

Gladiator 2

Gladiator 2 is the follow-up to Ridley Scott’s award-winning film Gladiator from 2000. Scott returns to direct the sequel, with Paul Mescal staring as Lucius, alongside Denzel Washington and Barry Keoghan as the villain Emperor Geta. Gladiator 2 had been stuck in development hell for years before a script written by David Scarpa finally moved forward.

Release Date
November 22, 2024

Paramount Pictures , Universal Pictures , Scott Free Productions , Red Wagon Entertainment

Paramount Pictures

David Scarpa


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