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Today’s Wordle Answer & Hints For March 3, 2024 (Puzzle #988)


March 3rd’s Wordle answer could be tricky to solve if players do not use hints and keep using random guesses in their first few attempts.

March 3rd’s Wordle answer may seem easy to solve at first, but the answer can throw you off as it has a repeating letter. Finding the correct positions of four letters can be done in about two attempts, but finding the repeating letter can be tricky. In fact, that can cause players to lose their daily streaks since many possible answers share similar spelling.

While you can use Wordle’s hard mode to find most letters, finding the repeated letter can take a while. Since this mode doesn’t let you reuse confirmed letters in other spots, it won’t give you a slight hint of which repeating letter you need to use. However, if you use a few relevant hints, you should be able to find the answer quickly.


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Today’s Wordle Hints

March 3rd #988

3rd March 2024 Wordle hints with the map showing different states of USA
Custom Image by Akshay Bhalla

If you want to ensure that you carry forward your daily streak, we recommend using hints to solve today’s answer. Since these hints give you a fair idea about the answer, you should be able to complete today’s challenge in three to four attempts. These clues will not spoil the answer but still give enough information so that you can solve March 3rd’s Wordle answer:

Hint 1

There is one repeating letter.

Hint 2

The answer is a noun and a verb.

Hint 3

The vowels are in the 3rd & 5th positions.

Hint 4

A nation or a territory.

Today’s Wordle Answer

March 3rd #988

3rd March 2024 Wordle answer with the map showing different states of USA
Custom Image by Akshay Bhalla

The March 3rd Wordle answer is STATE.

If you want to solve today’s Wordle answer in about four attempts, using the exact starting words as ours would be wise. You can use words like SCORE, STARE, and STALE, which will reveal the correct positions of most letters. However, you will still need to find the repeating letter. But if you use the above hints, you should be able to solve today’s Wordle answer with STATE on your fourth attempt.

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