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Why The Family Chantel Fans Don’t Want To See Pedro’s Mom Lidia Date


Lidia Morel, the mother of Pedro Jimeno, has established herself as a villain on The Family Chantel, and fans aren’t happy about her return to the franchise to start dating again. She will now be featured on Love In Paradise: The Caribbean season 3 in a plot line all her own. Lidia previously appeared on 90 Day Fiancé, 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?, and all four seasons of The Family Chantel. However, the villainous mother is now upsetting fans by joining the new season of Love In Paradise: The Caribbean.


Lidia is known as the villainous mother of The Family Chantel’s Pedro Jimeno, and doesn’t have a good reputation in the extended 90 Day Fiancé franchise. She disliked Pedro’s ex-wife Chantel Everett from the start, and was cruel to her. Viewers, as well as Chantel and Pedro’s mutual friend, accused Lidia of trying to get Pedro to marry an American woman in order to get Lidia and her daughter Nicole Jimeno to the United States. Lidia earned herself a reputation for being sneaky, selfish, and cruel, as she infamously didn’t support Pedro when he uncovered hard truths about his fractured family. However, that hasn’t stopped TLC from casting Lidia on another show on her own.

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Lidia Morel Will Be Dating An American On Love In Paradise: The Caribbean

Reddit user u/purpleforestfairy shared with The Family Chantel fans that Lidia will be looking for love on Love In Paradise with “an American named Scott whom she’s involved with.” Scott will be coming to the Dominican Republic to see Lidia, and the news left many The Family Chantel viewers shocked. “This woman is going to eat Scott alive. Run Scott,” one top commenter said, cautioning Lidia’s future romantic prospect. “I wonder which translator app they’ll use,” another user wrote back, since Lidia doesn’t speak English. A third user joked that Nicole will join Lidia’s plot as her translator on Love In Paradise.

The Family Chantel Fans Are Over Lidia Morel

Lidia Morel from The Family Chantel

Given the fact that Lidia has been consistently cruel while appearing in TLC content, numerous commenters were not happy to see The Family Chantel villain appearing on a new show. “Lidia just wants to harvest that reality dollar,” one commenter noted. “God nooooooooo. Who asked for this. That show should be for fresh blood not washed up side characters,” another exasperated commenter bemoaned. “If they keep this monster on tv there better be more Family Chantal,” another commenter demanded. “Will not be watching…I despise the entire Jimeno family,” one angry viewer declared. Many commenters weighed in with unfavorable words about the TLC villain.

Overall, Lidia’s inclusion on Love In Paradise does not appear to be very popular among The Family Chantel fans. However, some commenters believe the villain will make for entertaining TV. Meanwhile, there could be appearances from The Family Chantel cast member Pedro, which could even indicate that The Family Chantel is now focusing on Chantel and her family, while Pedro and his family move on to another show. Numerous vocal viewers requested that Pedro, Lidia, and Nicole leave The Family Chantel after Pedro and Chantel’s messy divorce aired last season. However, there has yet to be any news about a fifth season of the hit spin-off show.

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