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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty – All Valley Of Crying Wraiths Flag Locations


Flags in the Valley of Crying Wraiths level of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty give players a place to restore their health or rest before tougher fights.

The third level of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty has the largest battleground for players to explore and has the most Flag locations offered for chances to rest and recover from the battles fought in the Valley of Crying Wraiths. Called Battle Flags and Marking Flags, both of these objects restore the player’s health and increase their overall Fortitude Rank. However, Battle Flags also provide a place to reset a player’s spawn point while respawning non-boss enemies around the area that have been defeated.


There are five Marking Flags and seven Battle Flags in the Valley of Crying Wraiths region, an area that players should try to be passed at least level 10 before starting. More magical enemies reside in this story mission, serving the mysterious Zhang Bao, General of Earth. Unlike Zhang Liang in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, an incredibly unorthodox boss, Zhang Bao reflects the hard-to-predict magical attacks from basic enemies. Players are highly recommended to find every flag location here since the game’s difficulty spikes.

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Where To Find Every Valley of Crying Wraiths Flag Location in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Battle Flag in Valley of Crying Wraiths Level with Mini-Map and Companion Health Bars Displayed

The Flags listed are sorted by the order in which players can find them as they progress naturally through the level.



Battle Flag #1

Right next to where players first spawn into the level with their companions.

Battle Flag #2

The path forward from the first Battle Flag leads to a wooden bridge, with the second Flag being near its beginning next to the Blacksmith NPC.

Marking Flag #1

Dropping into the river under the bridge and taking a left takes players to a powerful enemy using moves similar to tough bosses in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty called the Warlock. The path this foe guard leads to the Marking Flag at its end.

Battle Flag #3

Back at Battle Flag #2, crossing the wooden bridge leads players to a clearing with plenty of enemies on their right, with the third Battle Flag unlocking after defeating these dangers.

Battle Flag #4

The opposite path beyond the Warlock eventually goes to a slope with two more bridges, one of which has a large gap. Crossing both bridges lets players reach a spot where they can plant a Battle Flag as soon as they beat the Changgui enemy in the area.

Marking Flag #2

From Battle Flag #4, players can take the right-hand walkway toward a path until they reach a ledge on their left after turning in that direction. Climbing up onto a stone walkway and across a close bridge shows the Marking Flag that, unfortunately, cannot restore their Dragon Cure Pot capacity in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty on the other side.

Battle Flag #5

Instead of climbing the ledge on the path from Marking Flag #2, players should follow the route to its eventual end. A large platform with Suanyu on it marks where players should continue to their left to a platform with a ladder, where the Flag sits above.

Marking Flag #3

The other way from the Suanyu platform directs players to a group of enemies crawling up a cliff once they approach and to a Demonized Officer at the very end of the route. The Flag remains right after this enemy at the end of the path.

Battle Flag #6

A plethora of enemies in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty different from the Nioh series‘ foe types along the way through the cliffs are found near Marking Flag #3, with The Battle Flag seen at the end of another bridge with a gap after players climb a ladder along the path.

Marking Flag #4

Players can go down from Battle Flag #6 to an area on their right beyond the Shitieshou. Another ledge on the right leads past two guards and more Warlock enemies, where the Flag sits right past these foes atop a far-off ledge.

Marking Flag #5

The water below Marking Flag #4 hosts this Flag, past the waterfall right from the location where players can see mermaids. Taking the right path inside the waterfall leads to a Changgui to fight, as this enemy guards a spot where players can plant this Flag.

Battle Flag #6

The final Battle Flag in The Valley of Crying Wraiths lies just past the ledge where Marking Flag #5 is found, guarded by several enemies that must be slain before players can find rest at this Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty location.

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