The best citrus perfumes to welcome spring with a zing


If you thought the only bit of zest in your morning routine came in the form of orange juice (or, maybe a detoxing lemon tea) then you’d be wrong. You see, citrus perfume is the way to dose up. After all, citrus is often hailed as a natural mood-booster in aromatherapy and known for its calming effects, not to mention being energy boosting, uplifting and stimulating at the same time too. Citrus scents are perfect when you’re feeling stressed or down in the dumps, they even help with winter blues.

These ‘holiday in a bottle’ perfumes will immediately whisk you to sunny climes

It’s a bit like when someone peels a juicy clementine on a busy commuter train home at night, when everything else just smells a little…stale. Your nose buds wake up, it’s fresh, zingy and alive. Exactly, the kind of scent we want to bottle up and wear when we need a little pick-me-up.

Fresh, fruity citrus perfumes have, understandably, stood the test of time when it comes to cult fragrances. After all, they are rarely too overpowering, and instead their light qualities make them perfect all-year-round scents, bringing a clean feeling to all other scent profiles – from delicate florals to peppery spices, and even earthy musks, a subtle hint of citrus makes these notes really stand out.

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The best new perfumes to spritz heading into the next season

There’s rumours even Kate Middleton has turned to a citrus perfume as her signature scent after a recent royal outing in County Durham, where members of the crowd told press that she gave off a lovely ‘lemon-like aroma’. If it’s good enough for royalty…

Thankfully, there are plenty of classic citrus perfumes on the market that will help you hit the right refreshing zesty notes (without smelling like your kitchen products). From zingy scents inspired by the London rainfall to fragrances that will whisk you to straight over to Sicily, White Lotus-style. Get ready to get your best zest on, whatever the season.

Ahead, 12 of the best citrus perfumes to add to your checkout.


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