Womp Womp! ‘RHOP’ Fans React To Ashley Darby NOT Securing The Bag Amid Separation


The Season 7 reunion for The Real Housewives of Potomac kicked off on Sunday, and—aside from the recent tea regarding Robyn and Juan Dixon—viewers were also stuck on a revelation about the situation between Ashley and Michael Darby.

Specifically, Ashley straight-up shared that—thanks to the prenup she signed—she didn’t exactly get the pay-out she was expecting.

Ashley Darby Isn’t Entitled To Alimony Due To Terms Of Prenup

While sitting between costars Gizelle Bryant and Dr. Wendy Osefo, Ashley reflected on her journey with Michael this past season, as their separation was a major storyline.

Viewers will recall that, despite everyone actively dissuading her from doing so, Ashley ultimately decided to purchase a home using a joint LLC that she shares with Michael. She also divulged that her new mortgage is $13,000, and she confirmed that she wouldn’t be able to afford the home without Michael’s assistance.

After announcing that she “can file [for divorce] in February” at the reunion, the matter of Michael Darby’s financial assets came up. Specifically, Andy Cohen inquired, “Will you get half of what he has?”

In turn, Ashley remarked that the situation “really just did not work out in [her] favor.”

She explained that, basically, she isn’t entitled to any money that Michael entered the relationship with or made from his business projects.

“Essentially, everything that Michael came into the marriage with is his. The money that Michael made that he then put into other projects later is his because of the source of the money…All the money from those projects that he later invested in is still his.”

Ashley then revealed that she doesn’t even know how much money Michael officially has.

Additionally, she said, “According to the prenup, I’m not allowed to get alimony.”

However, Ashley was sure to point out that she still got a house out of the relationship and has “some safety nets” in place.

“I also have some language in my separation and divorce agreement about some safety nets in case I have some financial difficulties.”

All in all, though, Mia Thornton summarized the matter by hilariously noting, “She didn’t secure the bag.”

Viewers React On Social Media

Housewives Twitter began buzzing as soon as the reunion aired, and people had plenty to say about Ashley and her situation with Michael.

Some users were amazed that, despite how much “plotting and scheming” she does on RHOP, Ashley wasn’t able to finesse some alimony.

It was also pointed out that “she clearly didn’t stack any money on the side.”

Others speculated on how the dynamic between Ashley and Michael will likely continue into the future.

Carlos King himself also went in on Ashley, saying that she needs to take some notes from the City Girls. He also referred to Michael as a “Perdue chicken.”

Ultimately, people were cutting up over how the chips fell in Ashley and Michael’s separation.

What do you think about Ashley Darby’s overall situation, as well as viewers’ reactions to the matter?


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